When your business takes you out of reach of regular telecoms networks, whether at sea or on land, Marlink keeps you seamlessly connected with the rest of the world with high-quality voice and data services. We provide you with the broadest multi-technology portfolio available on the market today – integrating and combining MSS, M2M, VSAT, GX and HTS services via our global multi-band network (L-, C-, Ku-, Ka-band). Our satcom broadband services and digital solutions enable you to optimise the performance of your remote assets and run your maritime vessels or enterprise operations in an ever smarter, safer and profitable way.

We design, build and manage business-critical customer solutions to suit your operational needs - and provide you with true “peace of mind”. Because we want you to focus on your business while leaving connectivity to our care. Check out how our solutions can support you to transform your vessel or remote land operations into a truly reliable and efficiently interconnected business.


Based on over 25 years’ experience in providing quality, high speed maritime VSAT services, our extensive portfolio empowers day-to-day business operations for shipping and tanker companies, cruise lines, ferries and yachts. We help our maritime customers to optimize vessel operations and enhance crew welfare, while complying with ever-increasing regulations, staying connected to their corporate network, and trimming their communications budget.

Marlink's unrivalled portfolio includes a range of C-band and Ku-band VSAT as well as on-demand L-band; and Ka-band services These services are enhanced and optimised by our diverse range of value added services.


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Marlink enables enterprise customers to optimise their remote business operations. News organisations, humanitarian workers & NGOs, mining and oil & gas companies base their business operations on our best-fit hybrid satellite and terrestrial network solutions to seamlessly interconnect their business.

We offer the widest range of fixed and mobile connectivity services: High speed connectivity through our Terralink VSAT services for permanent and occasional communications as well as portable, MSS and quick deploy services for temporary usage and M2M services.


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Marlink is recognised as one of the global pioneers of aeronautical satellite connectivity for air-to-ground and air-to-air communications.

We offer a range of aeronautical solutions that enable aviation operators to communicate and operate safely and efficiently. In parallel, our in-flight solutions offer passengers seamless voice and Internet for their entertainment and business needs.