On Land

The Preferred Provider of Managed SatCom Solutions for Customers Operating in Challenging Environments

Humanitarians, NGOs, news organizations, mining organisations, oil & gas companies, utilities and banks  can operate in areas where the telecoms infrastructure is unavailable or unstable, while ensuring complete and reliable communication solutions.

We offer the widest range of fixed and mobile connectivity services

  • Fixed VSAT: high speed IP connectivity up to 130 Mbps (Ku-, Ka-and C- bands) for high data usage and permanent deployment.
  • Portable and quick deploy: connectivity from 444 kbps to up to 20 Mbps (Ku-, Ka- and L- band) for temporary usage or communications on the move.
  • Satellite Phones: high-quality voice and low bandwidth data services to keep in touch in remote locations.
  • M2M and Tracking: reliable solutions for machine to machine transmissions and for tracking personnel and assets worldwide.
  • Simple & Smart Connectivity: use your own smartphones, tablets or laptops to access satellite communication services, anywhere.