Value Added Services

Marlink’s Value Added Services are expertly developed in-house and designed to optimise basic broadband and IP-based connectivity on land and at sea. They highlight our commitment to providing not only the broadest range of satellite communications, but to serve as an advanced solutions provider.

Benefit from a wide choice of business tools and crew solutions for efficient management of your data traffic and costs:

  • Collaboration & Messaging Tools: versatile solutions to easily, securely and optimally send and receive email, fax and SMS.
  • IT, Network Security & Filtering: optimised applications for managing data traffic and ensuring your networks remain fully secure and protected.
  • Online Management: portals providing easy online access to administrative data such as monitoring, billing, activation, traffic information, and more.
  • Hybrid Connectivity: our solutions take you beyond satcom connectivity. Marlink designs, builds and operates best-fit hybrid satellite and terrestrial network solutions that seamlessly transform your business into a secure and interconnected community.
  • Universal Cards/Prepaid: benefit from the simplicity of our single prepaid services providing cost-effective voice and data usage over multiple satellite services.
  • XChange: Our integrated communication management platform, XChange has been expertly designed to empower your connectivity to all satellite networks (VSAT and MSS) for high-quality voice, VoIP, and data. Fully manageable onboard or remotely from shore, XChange facilitates control of your onboard network while offering sophisticated tools to economise your communication costs and keep your crew happy.