Why Marlink?



The Marlink Promise

We design the best-fit maritime and enterprise network solutions that enable your business critical communications to run smoother, safer, smarter.



  • Using a consultative approach, we team up with you to design the best possible maritime or enterprise satcom-enabled network solutions to get the best performance out of your remote assets and optimize your business operations.
  • We leverage our industry knowledge and expertise to create network solutions and run them as a complete managed service for you.
  • A close partnership with our technology partners, service providers and customers drives our innovations to deliver an ever better service.



  • Our customers and partners benefit from our best-fit multi-technology portfolio for their business-critical operations.
  • Our rich suite of solutions and applications together with our service delivery platform XChange enable your digital operations to run smoother, safer, smarter and more efficient



  • Our people, our network and our support deliver the reliability that guarantee the best performance out of your remote assets and your business operations.


We enable your business operations to run smarter, safer and more profitable. You can rely on our digital network solutions to provide you true peace of mind so that you can focus on what you do best -  running your business!



Global Infrastructure

Seamless satcom services worldwide

Our world-class infrastructure enables the delivery of secure and resilient communication services around the globe. Driven by customers’ needs, our technology has been developed to offer more interconnections, platforms, satellite operators and communications solutions. With redundant, versatile and durable technology, your organization will enjoy exceptional connectivity, even in the most inhospitable parts of the world.

Our global network offers you:

  • Global coverage, using Ku-, L-, C- and Ka-band.
  • Alliances with the industry’s multiple global satellite network operators, offering a full range of fixed and mobile communications solutions.
  • 27 offices, 13 global teleports dedicated to commercial satcom.
  • Teleport and terrestrial interconnect services, offering dual redundant communications paths.
  • Multiple IP & networking possibilities to match customers’ varying needs for quality, flexibility, security and bandwidth.
  • The convenience of one-stop-shopping, delivering analysis of customer needs, network design, installation, maintenance, remote monitoring and after-sales support.
  • 24/7 technical and customer service support.
  • Operations support at all teleports.

Our Global Coverage

Sealink Premium can be selected with regional or global Ku-band coverage, or global C-band. Marlink operates the most extensive VSAT network in the market with several overlapping beams in most regions. This means vessels will rarely (if ever) be outside of Ku-band coverage, and in most regions are served by two or more Ku-band beams, providing robust satellite resiliency.

Maritime coverage maps
Enterprise coverage maps

Our Partners

Marlink works with multiple satellite network operators and terrestrial partners to offer a full range of satellite-enabled and hybrid connectivity services.

Intelsat is a provider of fixed satellite services (FSS) worldwide, with customers including some of the world’s leading media and communications companies, multinational corporations, Internet service providers etc.

Inmarsat is a provider of mobile satellite services (MSS). A constellation of geostationary satellites enables delivery of voice and high-speed data services and mobile IP broadband to almost anywhere on the planet.

Eutelsat is a provider of fixed satellite services (FSS). The group operates a large fleet of satellites, supplying capacity to operators who in turn provide radio and TV broadcasting services, professional data network solutions and broadband Internet access.

Iridium operates 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites with complete global coverage, providing voice and data communications with the world’s largest commercial constellation.

SES offers satellite communication services to a range of customers, including telecoms providers, broadcasters, corporations and governments around the world. SES operates a global fleet of 37 satellites in 25 orbital locations.

Thuraya offers handheld voice and mobile broadband services through its two geostationary satellites, covering more than 160 countries in Europe and large parts of Africa and Asia.
Strategic alliances with terrestrial partners

In order to connect your global assets, we integrate terrestrial and satellite networks, making them work as one. Hybrid networks are secure and global, delivering seamless VSAT and terrestrial connectivity for secure corporate communications in 138 countries.