Events & Media

We design, build & operate turnkey network and tracking solutions to major organizers of corporate, sports, and cultural events, anywhere in the world. Our main priority is to provide maximum safety to the participants through high performance tracking solutions and instant alarms.

  • Tailor-Made, Integrated Network Communication System: Using unrivalled technologies, we design, provide, manage on the spot, a diverse, complete network communication solution that enable you to run your event smoothly and efficiently. Our high performance tracking solutions in real time with voice capability and instant alarms ensures security management.
  • Unmatched¬†Safety: Our main priority is the safety of the participants and we offer high performance tracking solutions in real time, voice capability, and instant alarms.
  • Peace of mind: Because the sport event operations now run smoothly, the event operations organizers feel safe, secure. We are on the ground, working with event organizers day by day to help manage full logistics, provide technology support from start to finish.¬†The event organizers feel reassured that they can deliver a successful event for their participants and fans alike.