Humanitarian & NGO

Marlink enables humanitarian operations to run smoothly, efficiently in remote locations where conventional communications are unavailable or unreliable.

  • Proven experience in the Humanitarian market:  Since many years we are the communication partner and one of the largest providers for emergency and aid organisations, NGOs and UN agencies. We provide humanitarian organisations with a global, reliable, best-fit satellite network connectivity that enables them to run their business critical operations efficiently. 
  • Best-fit Hybrid Satcom & Terrestrial solutions: We enable agencies to set up emergency telecoms centers, optimise emergency aid processes and provide a lifeline to affected populations via reliable, cost-effective satcom solutions. Our portfolio comprises fixed, portable and rapidly deployed VSAT, MPLS, tracking and hybrid solutions to enable first responders and aid workers to perform their work on site - anywhere in the world.
  • Peace of mind: As a single supplier for equipment, services and solutions in addition to high level, long-term support, Marlink provides fully managed satcom-enabled solutions for land-based humanitarian operations - flexible and fast - to ensure the safety of your staff during your critical missions. We provide on-demand, 24/7 and 365 customer services and support.