Awards and recognition

Putting our customers at the centre of what we do, is putting us in the lead!

Cyber Security Award

Marlink has received the 2021 SMART4SEA Cyber Security Award for its Cyber Detection service. Marlink’s nomination focused on the robust network monitoring that our Cyber Detection solution provides to mitigate cyber threats and its intuitive dashboard and alert system.

Maritime Connectivity World Leader

Confirmed Maritime Connectivity World Leader Marlink has been ranked market leader in maritime connectivity across several market reports.

Connectivity Award

Marlink won the prestigious Smart4Sea 2019 Connectivity Award, which recognises ‘a significant achievement, breakthrough or contribution with respect to ship connectivity ‘. The award acknowledges that Marlink has the most diversified and frequency-independent connectivity portfolio alongside premium connectivity quality.

Safety4Sea Technology Award

Marlink won the Safety4Sea award for its innovating Telemedicine service in October 2017. By bringing XChange Telemed onboard we provide the ability of immediate diagnosis and online interaction with a doctor on shore in order to reinforce safety at sea.