BridgeLink Coming Soon


Our complete portfolio of maritime OT and IIoT solutions.

Digital transformation in maritime is happening and BridgeLink will empower maritime companies to maximise investments, cut operational costs and improve competitiveness.

BridgeLink is the next stage in Marlink’s maritime digital enablement strategy, which will provide a platform for data-driven safety and efficiency improvements on ships worldwide.

With over 70 years of maritime experience, Marlink is very well positioned to provide a suite of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) services encompassing on site project management, installation and maintenance.

Compatible with navigation, vessel operations and mission specific systems, BridgeLink will enable you to secure all the computer flows coming from and going to your onboard OT systems, to manage and control remote accesses to the vital assets of your vessels, to collect, standardise & historise, analyse and visualise enriched data in real-time.

Key features:

  • Compatible with any equipment
  • Safety & Security
    • Advanced cyber security for onboard assets
    • Remote access control and management
  • Safety & efficiency
    • IoT Delivery – flexibility of the platform to easily interface and retrieve any (IoT) data from multiple systems and assets onboard
    • Single-pane-of-glass and customisable dashboard
    • Data publication towards external services (customer’s cloud or customer’s third party providers)
  • Bridge Electronics Smart Maintenance

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