uses Marlink’s next-generation live broadcast solution in the French overseas territories

Monday 6, January 2020

Video Case Study: Marlink enables in cooperation with Inmarsat to meet viewer expectations for more spectacular news content coming from the most inaccessible and remote areas in tropical locations across the French overseas territories.

Check out the Video Case Study here! [English] / [French] link to YouTube, the French national public broadcaster, has selected Marlink to deliver a reliable connectivity solution to enable live broadcasting in the French overseas territories across the tropical Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.

The Challenge

The TV channel 1ère, part of, required a mobile quick-deploy and HD broadcast compliant satellite solution independent of extreme weather conditions threatening the existing terrestrial infrastructure. This should also help them overcome the challenges to broadcast live from the most difficult reachable places in the French overseas territories.


The Solution

Marlink responded to these challenges by providing a customised live broadcasting solution that utilises Inmarsat’s high-speed Land Xpress (LX) satellite service. This is supported by Marlink’s quick and flexible service activation and provisioning, and the broadcaster can rely on Customer Support Level 2 and Delivery Team with our deep-rooted expertise in Media solutions.
Using Marlink’s global backbone and spanning PoPs and teleports, 1ère benefits from improved latency and link optimisation for rapid HD live transmission over a highly available and secure network on a global scale.
Compact, rugged and highly portable satellite terminals underpin the solution. The TV channel 1ère now has the capability to broadcast live with ease regardless of extreme weather events such as storm and hurricanes threatening the existing terrestrial infrastructure.

Key Achievements for

  • Meeting viewer expectations to get more spectacular news content from overseas territories
  • Use of global Ka-band capabilities over Inmarsat satellite network
  • Compact high-speed broadband terminals, quick and easy to set up
  • Specific Land Xpress (LX) Media billing plans from Inmarsat, with users only paying for the data they use
  • Improved latency and link optimisation for HD broadcast thanks to Marlink’s infrastructure with strong backbone and global interconnection with PoPs and teleports across the world
  • Flexible and quick service activation and provisioning under 48h
  • Customer Support Level 2 & dedicated team.

Feedback from

"It is very important for us to be able to tell any story, from any location around New Caledonia. We needed a highly mobile satellite-based communications solution that would enable us to broadcast high-quality video content in any situation, regardless of a weather event or if we are based in a particularly remote location”.
“Working with Marlink and Inmarsat means we can now transmit high quality, high definition programming from wherever our teams are located, regardless of the weather. This has enhanced our capability to broadcast and keep people informed, helping them stay safe in the face of an extreme weather event.”, Alain Cabedo, General Manager from 1ère in New Caledonia

ABOUT THE CUSTOMER is the French national public broadcaster and media organisation, offering the full range of news, culture, entertainment and sports programming to France and its overseas territories. The 1ère network, a subsidiary of, is responsible for the delivery of these services to French overseas territories, producing localised content, including news bulletins, and transmitting this content locally and occasionally to the rest of the Francophone world.