High Quality, flexibility and support are pivotal to DOF and Marlink’s long term partnership

Tuesday 2, May 2017

Marlink assists the DOF Management fleet to run smoother, safer and smarter by providing them and their clients with a stable and predictable network connection and attentive support.


DOF is formed of a global team of skilled professionals who, combined with a fleet of state-of-the-art, purpose-built vessels, provide services to the Oil and Gas industry across the entire offshore life cycle.

The company integrates key disciplines – supply, anchor handling and tugging, construction and construction support including all additional support services. They combine them to meet the challenges of offshore operations so they can provide tailored offshore solutions.

DOF’s offshore and subsea intervention operations aim to maximise offshore infrastructure and asset efficiency. DOF vessels have dedicated, experienced crew executing specialist operations. Onshore, their project teams undertake the planning and engineering roles of operations.


Managing communications within a fleet of over 65 vessels was a growingly multifaceted and challenging process for DOF. They required a supportive service provider who could make the process easy for them, and enable them to concentrate on their core business.

DOF had faced challenges in keeping its growing fleet of high-tech vessels constantly connected with the high quality service their customers demand. Each of their unique vessels operates as a separate branch office, necessitating a stable and consistent connection for their own operational needs and vitally, for their clients. With a strong reputation to protect, DOF required guaranteed, high quality bandwidth backed by exceptional customer support.


More than 15 years ago, DOF made the move to Marlink and opted for Sealink Customised VSAT with a fully customised network design. In June 2016, DOF further renewed its Sealink VSAT services contract with Marlink for five more years. Under the contract, Marlink committed to provide customised VSAT services to DOF owned offshore and subsea vessels, accommodating several imminent new builds.

Today, Marlink continually meets DOF’s fleet-wide connectivity requirements. To ensure full flexibility, DOF has the option to dedicate bandwidth towards certain vessels to cover the critical needs of their clients, or to make temporary upgrades according to current projects.

To provide client and crew connectivity, DOF also uses Marlink’s Prepaid Talk service, a prepaid calling solution that can be offered to guests and crew or sold at DOF’s own defined rate. Meanwhile, the cost of calls to the vessel from shore are significantly reduced thanks to Local Numbers, Marlink’s solution enabling calls from shore for the same price of a local call, with telephone numbers available from more than 50 countries and 4,000 cities worldwide.

Utilising Marlink’s multi-band connectivity service, SMARTConnect, DOF gains access to a wide portfolio of connectivity solutions. SMARTConnect integrates Ku- & C-band VSAT with L-band MSS services and near coastal 3G/4G, Wi-Fi and North Sea LTE services to provide one unified link for each DOF vessel. Thanks to Marlink’s partnership with Tampnet, SMARTConnect can significantly boost throughput for DOF vessels by utilising LTE services on offshore fields and along coastal shipping routes in the North Sea. The system demonstrates that alternative communication carriers can supplement existing VSAT services, providing Quality of Service based connectivity at the levels demanded by DOF for regular and critical operations.

DOF’s high demand for bandwidth and business continuity necessitated dedicated, around the clock customer support from Marlink. As part of an extended Service Agreement DOF were appointed a dedicated Service Manager from Marlink’s Maritime Network Operations Centre (MNOC) located at the VSAT Centre of Excellence at Eik Teleport, Norway.

The MNOC is built up of Antenna and Network Engineers with long experience supporting maritime VSAT solutions for customers with highly specialised requirements. The MNOC handles all standard changes to DOF vessels, such as bandwidth and coverage updates; and gains direct remote access via SMARTConnect to each vessel and proactively monitors connectivity performance around-the-clock.

Marlink remains committed to continuously developing the best solution for each vessel and the fleet going forward. As the needs of DOF continue to evolve, Marlink delivers the best bandwidth return on investment, whilst ensuring access to advanced features such as the ability to dynamically increase bandwidth, so that DOF can demonstrate flexibility towards clients that may have changing communication needs for specific projects.


  • Stable, predictable, always-on Sealink VSAT connection with guaranteed availability
  • Constantly high bandwidth availability for internet and voice, accommodating DOF and their clients’ business needs
  • Online monitoring of bandwidth consumption patterns and reporting
  • A dedicated Service Manager who works daily from the MNOC to track the vessels’ networks and ensure business is constantly running smoothly
  • A cost effective, future proof solution with minimum administration, predictable costs and the flexibility to adapt to short term or long term evolving requirements.


“Our long-term partnership with Marlink has proven to be highly beneficial to our own and our clients’ operations. With reliable communication on board, we are able to operate smarter and more efficiently, whilst being confident in a stable, available link. We are pleased with the extra throughput achieved over a shared platform which has made us more cost efficient in our operations and the extra bandwidth is much appreciated by our crew.”

Tor Skeie, CEO Marin IT, the IT service provider for the DOF Group