Iritrack Saves Life Of Injured Competitor During Extreme Desert Rally

Wednesday 17, May 2017

Norwegian motorcycle rider Pål Anders Ullevålseter, an experienced competitor in desert rallies around the world, suffered a catastrophic crash during the World Cup Sealine Cross Country Rally in Qatar in 2014.

Injured and alone in the desert, Pål Anders is confident that had his bike not been fitted with Iritrack – which tracks and monitors position as well as provides emergency alarms and communication – he may not have made it home alive.

“The accident took place far from the track and I was thrown well clear of my bike. I wanted to call for help but I couldn’t move as my right leg was broken. I was so lucky to have Iritrack as it enabled hands free voice communication with Rally HQ. Thanks to the integrated microphone in Iritrack, I managed to report that I needed immediate assistance. Iritrack successfully transmitted my message even though I was lying five meters from my bike,” explains Pål Anders.

Iridium detected the violent crash of the bike thanks to inbuilt detectors, and sent an instant automatic alarm to Rally HQ.
When the alert was received on the tracking platform, the operator activated an automatic pick-up voice call to the Iritrack on Pål Anders’ bike, so he could provide his status after the accident. This allowed him to be rescued by helicopter within 20 minutes after Iritrack sounded the alarm. He was flown straight to hospital in Doha, where he made a full recovery.

Desert rallies are considered as extreme and dangerous sports events, and safety is crucial to both organizers and competitors.

Consequently, the Iritrack system is mandatory in renowned desert rallies as it delivers unmatched tracking and a safety lifeline for racers.

The Norwegian rider hasn’t lost any of his motivation after the accident and is ready for his next challenge:

“You know that HQ always keeps an eye on you wherever you are. Without Iritrack, I wouldn’t have had a chance alone in the desert,” assures Pål Anders.

Pål Anders Ullevålseter

About Pål Anders Ullevålseter

Pål Anders Ullevålseter, the Norwegian 44 year-old motorcycle rider is an experienced competitor in cross-country rallies around the world. Veteran of the legendary desert rally that historically went from Paris to Dakar and is now held in South America, Pål Anders has finished in the top 10 for the last ten years, with a best result of second overall in 2010.

About Iritrack

Iritrack, developed by Marlink, is the mandatory tracking and safety system to all race vehicles in several renowned cross country rallies. Iritrack provides global realtime tracking and safety communications allowing drastically reduced response times to emergency situations. Iritrack is equipped with manual and automatic alarms and ensures hands free voice communications between the Rally Head Quarter and the racers. It includes a secured tracking and monitoring platform that acts as a sophisticated management tool for your operational control center.