Cyber Security

Whether in regard to the protection of data, potential damage and loss, liability, or the impact on insurance and risk, companies need to be aware and well covered as they seek to balance digital opportunity with new cyber threats. In the rapidly developing maritime environment, a holistic approach to security is needed that enables response to new and ever-evolving risks.

Marlink’s ultimate vision for our customers is a fully automated and standardised IT environment and converging IT and Operational Technology (OT) operations.
Our comprehensive portfolio of cyber security solutions means whatever the business, we can provide the best-fit blend of solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

  • Cyber Detection

    Marlink’s Cyber Detection service scans your network traffic for any sophisticated, targeted threats that may be putting the confidentiality and continuity of your business operations at risk.

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  • XChange

    XChange, Marlink´s integrated communication management platform, is a core component of Marlink´s Sealink portfolio.
    It has been expertly designed to empower your broadband connectivity (VSAT and MSS) with high quality voice, VoIP and data access.

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  • XChange Cloud

    Your dedicated solution for automated file transfer and data sharing.

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  • SkyFile Anti Virus

    SkyFile® Anti Virus is a complete anti-virus software package, providing your vessels or remote PCs and networks with protection against viruses and other external threats.

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  • Data Manager

    Data Manager provides a variety of versatile features to make managing data traffic more efficient, including: Web compression, Web filtering, advanced Firewall and many more.

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  • KeepUp@Sea

    KeepUp@SEA is the IT operational platform that enables you to standardise, simplify and automate your vessel IT environment.

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  • VPN Interconnect

    A full range of global terrestrial interconnection or backhaul solutions to meet your needs regardless of the satellite system you deploy.
    End-to-end bandwidth guarantee for solutions based on Leased Line or MPLS terrestrial interconnection.

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  • XChange Universal Remote Access

    XChange Universal Remote Access (URA) provides secure, network-independent access to all devices connected to an XChange.

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  • Sealink Remote Access

    Remote Access provides access to a computer or an IP enabled device onboard from any remote location.

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  • @SEAwebControl

    @SEAwebControl enables standardisation of web content access and bandwidth consumption control.

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