M2M & Tracking

Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions connect devices and equipment to the external world to allow them to communicate with people, and with each other.

From low data rate to high-speed IP services, our large technology-agnostic portfolio of M2M connectivity solutions can fulfill any of your M2M communications requirements. We tailor our M2M products and services to fit your exact business needs.

  • Proximity

    Proximity is a global M2M platform to access to assets located anywhere. Proximity provides monitoring, localisation, control and management solution for fixed and mobile satellite M2M and tracking terminals on a unique multi-device platform.

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  • Iritrack

    Iritrack is a sophisticated satellite-based tracking and security system providing reliable two-way data and voice communications in a single device. The system is designed for high protection applications and mission-critical operations in challenging environments.

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  • Smalltrack

    Smalltrack is a reliable, autonomous satellite tracking and data reporting system designed for real-time localisation and protection of your remote personnel, equipment and vehicles operating worldwide. Smalltrack provides maximum flexibility to ensure the security of your assets, reduce risks and avoid accidents.

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  • BGAN M2M

    BGAN M2M is a global, two-way IP data service designed for long-term, machine-to-machine management of fixed assets. BGAN M2M offers full visibility and management of your dispersed assets in remote, unmanned locations. The BGAN M2M service connects monitoring and control applications assuring you real-time visibility of critical data.

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  • IsatDataPro

    IsatData Pro is a global two-way very low speed data service for machine to machine (M2M) communications. Designed for mission-critical applications, the IsatData Pro service increases visibility of business operations, enhances efficiency and ensures greater safety and security for fixed and mobile assets

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  • Iridium SBD

    Iridium's global, low latency Short Burst Data (SBD) service is the ideal solution for monitoring every remote asset - from containers to trucks and ships. It is a simple and efficient service for transmitting short data messages between equipment and centralised computer systems.

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