Maritime VSAT

Characterised by flexibility, performance, stability and quality of service, Marlink’s portfolio of versatile, multi-band VSAT services provide broadband communications with the most extensive global coverage, backed by our expert customer support network.

As part of Marlink’s Sealink Ku-band VSAT portfolio, for full flexibility, three different service packages are offered: Sealink Allowances, Sealink Business or Sealink Premium. These are each available with varying options and tiers, including Sealink Flex for regional and seasonal flexibility (ideal for Yachting users with high speed zones in key sailing areas) and Sealink Plus for fully integrated MSS back up and XChange.

Our Ka-band VSAT portfolio comprises Inmarsat Fleet Xpress, for GX Ka-band connectivity combined with Inmarsat’s flagship FleetBroadband L-band service, and Telenor Thor 7, for regional Ka-band throughout the Nordic region, Europe and the Middle East.