Our integrated communication management platform, XChange has been expertly designed to empower your connectivity to all satellite networks (VSAT and MSS) for high-quality voice, VoIP, and data.

Fully manageable onboard or remotely from shore, XChange facilitates control of your onboard network while offering sophisticated tools to economise your communication costs and keep your crew happy.

  • XChange

    XChange, MarlinkĀ“s integrated communication management platform, is a core component of MarlinkĀ“s Sealink portfolio.
    It has been expertly designed to empower your broadband connectivity (VSAT and MSS) with high quality voice, VoIP and data access.

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  • XChange Cloud

    Your dedicated solution for automated file transfer and data sharing.

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  • XChange Universal Remote Access

    XChange Universal Remote Access (URA) provides secure, network-independent access to all devices connected to an XChange.

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  • XChange Telemed

    Peace of mind for a safe and healthy crew

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  • XChange Media

    Connect your crew to the world of news & entertainment.

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  • XChange BYOD

    Allow your crew to stay online at sea - just like at home. Using their own smartphones, laptops and tablets for more privacy.

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