CS:GO cases for free: Where to get, how do they fall out?

Tuesday 6, March 2018

What are cs go cases and how do they fall out
Case cs go is not a real (virtual) item from the Steam platform, which is issued to all players for playing on official servers. Official servers are owned not only by the owners of the game, but also by platforms that are connected to Valve’s anti-cheat VAC. At the end of matches on these servers, boxes are issued to players in random order. When you open such a case, you get skins – a new type of display of one of the weapons. Thus, you can change the appearance of any of your device

All cases of cs go
A lot of gamers would like to know how many cases there are, how they look, and also what they contain inside. Since the release of CS: GO, a very large number of boxes have been released. And we decided to collect them starting in 2012. Of course, we will try to update this list, since VALVE is constantly releasing the next updated cases.

Boxes differ in that there are released the next update of the game. And also there are those that are added along with the operation. Then the name contains the word Operation. Now let’s see the new cases and old ones. Below we give a list of most cases that were added to the game before March 2019:

Each box on the Steam Market has a different price. This price is highly dependent on how long it was released. It is clear that they are rare and creates a price. The older the release date, the higher the price.

Each of them contains different types of skins. In order to view the set in each of them, just click on the picture of the box.

How do cs go skins look
As soon as you open one of the cases you will have a chance to get a new view of the display of one of the weapons. The price of the value of the dropped skin will depend on its rarity. Now we will visually show how non-standard skins look in cop:

Skins Quality
The quality of cs go skins is the level of attrition of the visual display. That is, if the quality is lower, then outwardly you will see this attrition. Qualities made to increase the cost range. Roughly speaking, if you want to buy a skin, but you don’t have enough money for it, then you can buy it at a lower price with worse quality. If you want to open some CS GO cases, try to choose a right website. You can also use special bonus codes for each platform, for example, you can get $0,30 for cases after using Hellcase promo codes or from another case opening site.

What are the qualities of skins:

Battle-Scarred – Shabby. You will see the skin of the device by 50%);
Well-worn – less worn. But also on most skins it looks ugly;
After field trials – a good average. Almost no wear is visible. Used frequently;
Minimal Wear – 5% wear. On most you will not even notice it;
Factory direct is more of a commercial skin. Completely scuffed.