Cyber Detection v2.0 Delivers New Enhanced Response and Threat Hunting

Monday 29, November 2021

We are proud to announce the release of Cyber Detection v2.0, which includes an array of new features and service improvements. In addition to numerous improvements made to enhance user experience, version 2.0 delivers:

New Capabilities

  • One Click Countermeasures (XChange Base / Power firmware v5.0 or newer is required) to contain a cyber threat can now be applied directly in the Cyber Detection Portal and XChange is updated
  • Threat hunting (included with the Cyber Detection SOC service only): While most security products check the network traffic or file against a database of known malicious signatures, the Marlink Security Operations Centre (SOC) is now retroactively hunting whether any newly identified IoC might have already attacked your vessels in the past


Connectivity Support

  • Detection scope: vessels subscribed to Cyber Detection which are connected via Fleet Xpress, Fleet BroadBand, Iridium Certus or Marlink Global 4G are now empowered with enhanced detection capabilities (Anti-Malware, Webfilter, Blacklist)


Marlink’s Cyber Detection is an award-winning solution that also includes as standard

  • Real-time threat and intrusion & cyber surveillance
  • Dynamic & intuitive Cyber Dashboard
  • Customisable detection profiles according to your internal IT policy and vessel type(s)


Managed Security Service Provider
To support those of you who do not have resources or competencies within your teams to deal with detected cyber security threats, we are launching a new service: Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). This service will enable you to transfer some or all of the following tasks to Marlink:

  • Threat confirmation: Check if a detected cyber threat might be a possible false positive
  • Incident contacting: raise any serious security incidents requiring immediate attention by email or phone call
  • Implement countermeasures: Using XChange or ITLink features


More information is available on the Marlink website.

If you have any questions about Cyber Detection, please contact your Key Account Manager or the Marlink Service Desk.