Get the latest SkyFile eNOAD release 1.38

Friday 15, February 2019

Dear Partner/Customer,

In line with the new NOAD Schema 3.6 published by the US Coast Guard in November 2018, Marlink has updated its SkyFile eNOAD software. The newest version (v1.38) is ready for deployment and installation.

Available to download, the newest version of SkyFile eNOAD (v1.38) includes the latest changes made by the National Vessel Movement Center (NVMC) on 13 November 2018:

  • Update of the notices:
    – Source
    – Voyage
    – Vessel
    – Crew List
  • Update of the foreign ports, such as:
    – Basrah Oil Terminal
    – Punta Europa Terminal
    – Suez
  • Removal of two foreign ports:
    – Mina Al Bakr
    – El Suweis

To get the full list of changes with more details, please go to the website of the USCG/NVMC.

To remain compliant with the US Coast Guard, we recommend that you update your current version with SkyFile eNOAD (v1.38) as soon as possible.

You have three options:

  • Download the software from our website by clicking the link and selecting ‘SkyFile eNOAD software (zip)’ (887KB)
  • Contact Marlink Service Desk, your Service Provider or your Shipping company to receive the new version
  • You can automatically get the software update onboard via satellite if the ‘OTA update’ option has been activated by Marlink

In case of any questions, or for further support, please contact Marlink’s Service Desk or your Key Account Manager.