On-Demand Webinar – How Cloud Services Embrace Enterprise Satellite in a Hybrid Network

Monday 29, November 2021

On-Demand Webinar: Marlink organised, in partnership with SES and ST Engineering iDirect, an interactive live panel session talking cloud access, network optimisation, and hybrid networks which was broadcasted live on 17 November 2021.

Listen to our experts and watch the recording of the webinar here.

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What to expect?

Based on the topic “How Cloud Services Embrace Enterprise Satellite In A Hybrid Network”, our panellists gave useful insights on efficient communication networks to leverage optimisation of cloud computing and online activity for your remote operations:

  • the value of next-gen satellite constellations to optimise access to cloud-based applications and workloads
  • the key benefits of combining satellite and terrestrial network architectures to improve application performance and user experience
  • the way to achieve network optimisation and reduce hybrid network complexity by using smart IT & network management solutions

Why attend this webinar?

Today, we live in a digitalised world and business networks are growing in complexity. The explosive growth of data and applications demands super-fast, reliable connections – but also transition to the cloud. Yet, cloud implementation raises concerns around speed and latency, security, and how to orchestrate the entire network and IT infrastructure.
New approaches to network design are making cloud possible.

Triangle Partnership

Together, Marlink, SES and ST Engineering iDirect are leveraging their unique partner strengths to build a cloud-based network infrastructure that is stronger and more agile; bringing you the connectivity, network service, and operational cost optimisation that are key to enterprise agility, both on-premises and on the edge.

In this set-up, Marlink is acting as the unifying network integrator capitalising on SES’ legacy satellite and next-gen MEO constellations and ST Engineering iDirect’s ground segment infrastructure. By tailoring our Network as a Service around your needs, services and technologies are seamlessly integrated into a unique cloud-based network solution that is managed actively for you. All local (LAN) and global (WAN) IT and network resources, orchestration, and security are safeguarded, ultimately bringing improved application performance and user experience.


  • Olivier Gommes – Technology & Innovation DIrector Enterprise, Marlink
  • Jan Erik Kjaer – Senior VP Humanitarian & NGO, Marlink
  • Simon Gatty Saunt – VP Sales, Global Service Providers, SES
  • Jean-Michel Rouylou – Head of Enterprise & Broadband, ST Engineering iDirect


Watch the Video