Improved User Experience & Faster Updates with XChange v5.4

Tuesday 6, December 2022

XChange is a central, smart platform enabling onboard connectivity to be remotely managed and integrated, so you can secure your network and advance vessel digitalisation.

New version delivers new user interface and smarter networking

The latest version of XChange is here and it brings a range of new features to optimise onboard network management and improve the user experience.

Highlights of v5.4

  • New user interface
    A modern, user-friendly interface and simplified click procedures create a vastly improved user experience
  • Introduction of system modules
    Simplified architecture delivers a future-proof platform for deploying updates fast and integrating new services, including ‘zero touch’ updates
    The first module updates will be available soon, offering even more compatibility with connectivity terminals
  • Interactive notifications
    Improved presentation of actionable notifications ensure messages are clearly visible on the dashboard and enable quick decisions
  • Hybrid connectivity
    Agile switching and network flexibility are provided by the new networking feature, enabling simultaneous device use via all available connections and best use of available bandwidth
  • Smart routing
    Unique routing options for user groups and machines, fully customisable and flexible. More options available for Captains to manage user groups, to prioritise critical tasks, reroute traffic and take users offline if needed

XChange v5.4 delivers a variety of new features to enable more advanced network management and improved usability. We have also taken the opportunity of this update to discontinue and deduplicate old and redundant features.

How to update

XChange boxes on firmware v5.0 to v5.3 can simply be updated over-the-air, via the ‘Update Push’ function in Portal360. This is a two-step update – please follow onscreen instructions or refer to the update documentation.

If you are running an older version than v5.0, this hardware should be swapped as soon as possible, as the firmware is out of date and no longer supported. Please contact your Key Account Manager to discuss the details of how to swap your hardware.

If you have any questions about this update, or about any aspect of your XChange service, please contact your Key Account Manager or the Marlink Service Desk.