Inmarsat C Polling & Data Reporting Services Migrated to Aussaguel Teleport

Monday 24, January 2022

We’re pleased to confirm that Inmarsat C Polling and Data Reporting (INM C P&DR) services have been successfully migrated from our Eik teleport to our second Inmarsat C Land Earth Station at Aussaguel (C-LES).

All Inmarsat C poll commands and data report traffic are now sent via the Aussaguel C-LES.

This important reorganisation of the Inmarsat C services is fundamental for Marlink’s Inmarsat C users. By concentrating the INM C P&DR services on one location, Marlink demonstrates its ambition to continue to invest in this legacy service in order to evolve and continue to maintain a good quality of service.

The migration of the INM C P&DR services was first announced a year ago. The plan has been implemented and as of 17th January 2022, Marlink operates all its polling and data reporting services from Aussaguel Inmarsat C Land Earth Station. In respect of the notification sent to the users, there have been no additional charges incurred by customers for this operation as the operational costs have been met in full by Marlink.

With INM C P&DR services now solely accessible over Aussaguel C-LES, other Inmarsat C services (Messaging, SMS, FleetNet and SafetyNet) remain accessible, in both directions, via Eik C-LES.

Marlink remains the leading Inmarsat C service provider in the world, hosting more than 60% of the Polling and Data Reporting traffic, due to providing a high quality of Inmarsat C services.

We would like to thank all our Inmarsat C customers for their cooperation with this migration and for continuing to trust Marlink with their safety communications.

If you have any questions about this service or migration, please contact your Key Account Manager.