LEO and MEO connectivity solutions by Marlink

Are you ready to benefit from Low and Medium Earth Orbit connectivity?

As a leading network integrator, Marlink has a technology agnostic strategy for ensuring we can provide you with the connectivity solution that best fits your needs. Partnering with Starlink, OneWeb and SES, we combine the latest LEO and MEO systems into our proven Smart Hybrid Network solution.

All of our solutions are tailored around your needs, ensuring you have the low-latency connection you require, backed by the reliability of Marlink’s global proprietary GEO network infrastructure.

We design and build your solution by intelligently integrating network and digital solutions, that are orchestrated via our secure SD-WAN technology, and end2end managed by our network operations centre and customer support to keep your operations and assets globally connected.

Your Benefits

What's in it for you?

  • Discover low-latency, high-speed connection with LEO and MEO constellations. This fibre-link connectivity enables you to embed IIOT and remote operations and achieve your digitalisation goals.

  • Data is more valuable than ever before, make sure you can send the data you need back to shore. Benefit from high throughput and improved user experience when using multiple applications.

  • Connected operations are now essential, make your hybrid network work for you. Enable your operational technology (OT) and systems, while you monitor constantly and support remotely.

  • Marlink Networks

    Create a network that works for you. Combining multiple transports to ensure you have the optimum mix of latency and reliability to meet your needs.

  • As a true network integrator, we design, implement and end-to-end manage your LEO/MEO/GEO hybrid solution, giving a seamless user experience and guaranteed connection.

  • Offer your crew fibre-like connectivity to keep them connected to those who matter. Create a happier crew who can stream, browse and message like they would at home.



    SES’s next-generation Medium Earth Orbit constellation for high-throughput


    OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit, high-speed satellite connectivity integrated by Marlink


  • Marlink boosts its smart network solutions for Maritime and Enterprise customers with Starlink

    As expert and pioneer in satellite communication solutions, Marlink will leverage Starlink – a high-speed, low-latency broadband internet service enabled by a constellation of satellites in Low Earth Orbit – to complement its portfolio of smart network solutions and services globally.

  • Marlink and OneWeb partner for first live maritime trial of LEO connectivity service

    The initial integration and evaluation will take place at Marlink’s Eik teleport (Norway), with installation and on-vessel trial scheduled for Q4 2022. In co-operation with hardware providers Intellian and Hughes Network Systems, Marlink will carry out tests of the OneWeb maritime service validating throughput, latency and quality. Testing of hardware will include review of stability, signal tracking and handover capability.

  • Marlink and SES turbo-charge long-term partnership with O3b mPOWER commitment

    Under the agreement, Marlink will offer the high-throughput and low-latency O3b mPOWER dedicated connectivity services to its customers with data-intensive requirements. These include its humanitarian, energy, enterprise, mining, government, maritime and OmniAccess’ superyacht customers who require robust communication networks with higher speeds and dedicated lower latency for their business operations in the most remote locations.

  • Marlink leverages SES MEO capacity to meet booming demand from Energy customers

    Marlink and SES have responded to booming energy sector demand by providing an additional one gigabyte of SES’s O3b satellite bandwidth capacity to Marlink customers. The service now available to Marlink’s energy sector customers makes it possible for them to digitalise rig operations, connect crew with ease and provide heavyweight applications, in combination with data collection and proactive cyber security.

  • What does an SLA look like in the NGSO world?


    What are some of the major challenges with operating without an uptime SLA?

    As the NGSO market is just beginning to take off, we’re seeing an increase in demand for integrating LEO and MEO connectivity, with many customers seeing the potential benefits of an increase in bandwidth and a low-latency connection. However, with MEO and LEO providers mainly providing a “best-effort” service, the necessity for a smart network provider increases.

    In this article, we explore what an SLA looks like in the NGSO world and how you can use a hybrid network to ensure uptime and keep your remote operations connected.


    OneWeb LEO Marlink

    New generation of high capacity, low earth orbit satellite

    A new generation of small, high capacity, low earth orbit satellites – known as non-GEO or nGEO – is creating a buzz across the industry and among customers; these new constellations are described as disruptors, potentially offering high speed connectivity at low cost.

    Marlink is keen to understand how these new players can supplement our bandwidth options – we are in discussions with the first movers – and in some cases we are already providing services for clients.


    Tore Morten Podcast Riviera


    Satellite connectivity is changing and new LEO services offer the potential to transform maritime operations with higher speeds and lower latency than more traditional communications.

    In this 10-minute podcast, Marlink’s President Maritime, Tore Morten Olsen, discusses the huge opportunities that LEO services present to shipowners and why they need a network integrator to understand their specific needs and design the best solution for them.