Leonhardt & Blumberg renews long term fleet contract with Marlink

Tuesday 10, December 2019

Ship management company selects Marlink to continue supplying container vessels with market-leading connectivity solutions

Leonhardt & Blumberg (L&B), Germany’s largest independent charter owner of 15,000-35,000 DWT container ships and ship management company, has renewed its long-standing partnership with Marlink for the provision of quality global VSAT connectivity.

Marlink’s managed connectivity service excellence and digital solutions are recognised as a strong foundation for L&B’s on-going fleet digitalisation, which will deliver more efficient and greener maritime operations. Marlink has established a firm position of trust through its existing partnership with L&B, thanks to consistently high quality of service and an active, supportive local maintenance and customer care presence.

L&B’s positive experience is reflected in turn by references from Marlink’s substantial and varied customer base, leading to Marlink’s status as the preferred service provider of every third shipping company worldwide. The contract scope for L&B covers 30 vessels currently using the dependable and flexible Sealink Premium Plus solution – powered by the XChange communications management platform and accommodating value-added services including the SkyFile Mail and antivirus suite. This ensures VSAT connectivity with guaranteed backup to keep onboard applications online and crew connectivity working seamlessly.

We have had the pleasure of working with L&B for many years and supporting their move towards more efficient and environmentally conscious operations. The contract renewal is confirmation that our partnership has supported crew satisfaction, safety and logistical efficiency as well as L&B’s desire to operate using less fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our guaranteed and managed connectivity and IT solutions have simultaneously provided L&B with cost predictability and high-performance global service, and we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation.

Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink


Our aim is to continue developing a future of smarter, safer, greener and more efficient operations. We’re confident that Marlink’s, high-quality connectivity solutions will keep our communications, vessel IT infrastructure and compliance measures running at the optimal level.

Tim Göttsche, fleet manager L&B