Mandatory Update – XChange versions 5.2 & 4.4

Tuesday 21, July 2020

The latest version of XChange firmware, v5.2, was released in March, alongside a final update of the 4th generation XChange firmware. Unless your vessels have already updated, we need to facilitate a proactive update of all v4.1 and later firmware, to ensure you benefit from recent, important evolutions.  


Your onboard systems will receive this update in the next few weeks. Once the update is received, vessel Captains will be notified on their subsequent login to the XChange dashboard. Should the Captain need to prioritise a critical communication, the update can be postponed to a more convenient time. Otherwise, we kindly request that all Captains accept the update as soon as possible. As part of the update, the XChange system will need to reboot automatically and this will typically lead to a short communication outage of around 15 minutes.

Please note that the XChange system may perform several software updates, depending on which version is currently running. Before each update starts, the Captain will receive a notification on the dashboard with the option to execute or postpone.

If the XChange system onboard is still running an older, pre-4.1 version, we are unable to update it proactively and it must be swapped. If the system has already been updated to version 5.2 / 4.4, no action is needed.

Traffic generated by the firmware upgrade is excluded from the Sealink Allowance bundle.

What the update delivers

As part of Marlink’s initiative to optimise VSAT communication, XChange is now able to keep full control of the STE iDirect Dialog modem, which is managed to guarantee voice and data communication. Traffic data prioritisation stays fully available without any change, as well as XChange Media, XChange Cloud or any other service or feature.

Empowered cyber security

As well as new modem support, XChange version 4.4 follows generation 5 and empowers cyber security. Along with security updates of all common web browsers, Marlink maintains cyber security of customer systems by removing aged TLS versions from the system. To guarantee availability and accessibility of the XChange system, a new TLS version is implemented; supporting all major web browsers.

To further bolster security, the dependency of some XChange functionalities on Adobe Flash Player has been removed.

If you need to speak to us about updating an older version or have any questions about your XChange service, please contact your Key Account Manager.