Marlink to build unique hybrid digital network solution with local partners in Iraq to provide oil & gas companies with step-change Internet connectivity

Monday 20, March 2017

Marlink, Defaultroute and Abr Al Manara partnership results in multi-million deal in southern Iraq communications service contract with oil & gas industry customer

Oslo/Paris, 20 March 2017 – Global satcom specialist Marlink, UK-based service integrator Defaultroute and Iraqi Internet service provider Abr Al Manara have joined forces to deliver a groundbreaking hybrid digital connectivity service resulting in a multi-million US dollar contract for a major Iraqi oil & gas company.

Overcoming the challenges of poor terrestrial infrastructure, the partners will seamlessly integrate Marlink’s Terralink VSAT service with MEO satellite services in addition to fibre Internet connectivity. The hybrid digital network approach provides levels of redundancy and service available not seen before in Iraq, with the end-customer enjoying a near-100% SLA for always-on connectivity.

Harnessing the power of Marlink’s extensive global network, the integration of Marlink’s advanced Terralink VSAT services within the sophisticated hybrid digital network enables the partnership to deliver unmatched high-speed connectivity.

As the Service Integration partner, Defaultroute’s Quality Assurance and Service Delivery Management expertise will ensure smooth running of all aspects of the network, working closely with Marlink to deliver high bandwidth on Terralink VSAT that will support end-users in Iraq to develop a more collaborative work environment through connectivity.

The hybrid digital network creates the platform for more digitalisation of commercial and industrial operations in Iraq, with provision of high bandwidth for a variety of applications including logistics operations, safety & security with surveillance and remote monitoring, and emergency response.

Defaultroute will co-operate with Abr Al Manara on delivery of the MEO satellite services and fibre connectivity part of the network. Abr Al Manara operates 70% of the commercially available MEO satellite bandwidth over Iraq and is able to provide in-country compliance, licensing and logistics due in part to its eight-year partnership with Alsalam State Company / the Ministry of Communication.

“Defaultroute set out nine months ago to bring together key partners that were aligned with our quality standards and could be open and flexible with us to ensure that we could give our customers the best possible service,” said Vince Davies, Defaultroute. “Our partnerships help to provide ‘Peace of mind’ to the customer regarding quality and compliance while ensuring we can deliver the best technical solution for the most reliable service.”

“A big part of the success of this joint venture is the mutual understanding between the partners when it comes to operating together within the complex Compliance and Licensing laws in Iraq. Abr Al Manara and its parent company have been operating in Iraq since 1976 so we know this better than anyone. We believe this is just as important as the technology we bring together as partners,” said Michael Iwanow, COO Abr Al Manara.

“Our partnership with Defaultroute and Abr Al Manara is the foundation for delivery of the fastest, most reliable Internet connectivity available in southern Iraq. Terralink VSAT adds significantly to the value proposition as it provides the most stable bandwidth and redundancy for the development of hybrid digital networks in the region,” said Danny Côté, President Enterprise, Marlink.

For further information, please contact:
Knut Natvig, Marlink
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