NEW: XChange Cloud Premium – the latest evolution of our data sharing and file transfer service

Monday 28, October 2019

We are pleased to confirm the Commercial Service Introduction of XChange Cloud Premium, offering even more capacity and optimised management of data sharing.

XChange Cloud helps to streamline and enhance business, logistical and vessel operations by providing a reliable, easy to manage platform to share important files of any size or type throughout a fleet.

The solution presents unique capabilities for sending or collecting large numbers of files and folders to single or multiple vessels simultaneously.

Furthermore, XChange Cloud reduces administrative effort through its automatic background synchronisation feature, which is available as standard and can be configured in line with customers’ needs.

XChange Cloud, as an embedded core feature of XChange, is already equipped on hundreds of vessels. It manages transmissions of thousands of files and huge data volumes far beyond the 100GB mark every single month.

Soon to be fully available, alongside the launch of XChange 5.1, it is an ideal solution for shipping companies with a large fleet and a high demand for data sharing. The enhanced features of XChange Cloud Premium include huge storage capacity, customised fleet management and off-peak data transfer.

The latest addition to our XChange services and part of our ITLINK portfolio of IT solutions, XChange Cloud Premium offers a whole range of new and enhanced features to customers:

High capacity

  • Huge storage capacities on shore and on board
  • Maintain large databases or create a history
  • Up to 50,000 folders and sub-folders available to support vast database structures

Tailored fleet management

  • Sub fleets can be managed individually, with full flexibility in naming, vessel-grouping and lossless functionality

Automatic cleanup

  • Pushed content is automatically deleted after a set period, which keeps databases clean and up to date

Best use of bandwidth

  • ​Satellite off-peak data transfer minimises interference with business operations by transmitting data when bandwidth availability is at its highest
  • Metadata compression – files are even more compressed to further reduce bandwidth

Instant transmissions

  • As well as regular transmissions at given times is the option to send essential data from ships to shore instantly

Usage control

  • ​Restrict data usage by setting daily, weekly or monthly transmission-volume limits, according to customer needs
  • Fully customisable file-size limits further help to keep data usage under control by avoiding transmission of excessively large files