New XChange version 5.0 enables increased security and further efficiencies for IT management

Thursday 7, February 2019

The latest generation of XChange firmware is now available – XChange version 5.0.

The new firmware is based on latest technology and represents a huge step forward. This new XChange firmware generation builds the basis for XChange’s future, which will enable Marlink to offer new features and services.
Shipping companies will benefit from more efficiency, increased security, robustness and new features to be ready for their future evolving requirements.

Get future-ready

Enhanced Cyber Security

  • Some XChange functionalities were previously only accessible if your web browser had a valid Adobe Flash Player installed. For security reasons this dependency on Adobe Flash Player has now been removed.
  • To further bolster security, the Administrator password will now be changed by default with every major firmware update.

More efficient, backed-up updates

  • Previously manual, the new XChange firmware update process now runs almost fully automatically.
  • The new health check function verifies that an adequate data connection exists, and all prerequisites for a successful update are met before an update starts.
  • A system snapshot then occurs including all logs and configuration before the update is initialised. In case of any issues/data loss, the system can then roll-back to its previous recovery point, avoiding failures or loss of data.
  • Step-by-step status messaging enables you to track the progress of the update. This can help avoid rebooting the system while updates are still in progress and provides full transparency of whether each update step was successful or unsuccessful.

New compatibility

  • Furuno Felcom hardware is now fully supported and managed again. XChange has been updated to eradicate previous issues with the terminals, which required connecting automatically to the internet while the VSAT was active; the XChange now fully manages connectivity commands related to Furuno hardware in accordance with the defined preferences of the vessel.
  • For controlled FleetBroadband terminals operating in the USA, a new Access Point Name (APN) is created, to ensure full service connectivity and switch management between VSAT and FleetBroadband while in US waters.

XChange Cloud Evolution

XChange 5.0 is future-ready to deliver new premium services such as the XChange Cloud Premium service, coming in 2019, which will be even more secure and performant while offering new options for a more beneficial integration into your daily business.

To find out how to upgrade your XChange firmware, please contact your Key Account Manager.