Ocean Technologies Group joins Marlink’s Partner Programme

Tuesday 28, September 2021

Latest agreement sees global learning built on Seagull Maritime and Videotel maritime brands join Marlink’s digital accelerator

Paris and Oslo, 27 September 2021 – Marlink, the leading provider of smart network solutions, has partnered with Ocean Technologies Group to add the Ocean Learning Platform to its Application Partner Programme.

Powered by two of the best-known and respected names in maritime e-learning, Seagull and Videotel, the platform combines advanced features for in-work assessment, competency management and career development with a media-rich blended-learning library to cover every knowledge area required by today’s mariner.

E-learning Marlink with Ocean Technologies
Ocean Technologies makes it possible to plan, execute and monitor a wide range of learning and assessment activities in a single cloud-based system for easy management, analytics and reporting.

It also enables its users to extend and personalise their experience and communicate their company values with content authoring and publishing tools. In-platform pulse surveys can be used to temperature check the well-being and engagement of personnel.

The Application Partner Programme enables selected solution providers to optimise their services for delivery via Marlink’s application management platform and enjoy streamlined and secure delivery of data and resources without the need for USB sticks or CD-ROMs.

By leveraging Marlink’s application management platform, the learning experience onboard ship is enhanced, allowing on demand content updates and a continuous flow of information for seamless data capture with minimal administration for the crew. This delivers the benefits of always-on, cloud-based delivery whilst maximising the efficient use of bandwidth and ensuring availability of the service with minimal risk of disruptions.

Shipping companies are safety critical, high reliability organisations dependent on a remote workforce and in a heavily regulated environment, they need to ensure crews are adequately trained and equipped to perform and able to evidence this when required, said Johan Gustafsson Chief Revenue Officer Ocean Technologies Group. Our platform makes it possible to plan, execute and monitor a wide range of learning and assessment activities in a single cloud-based system for easy management, analytics and reporting.
The Application Partner Programme is a great example of how Marlink is leveraging its hybrid network to advance digitalisation in the maritime sector, supporting smarter, safer and more efficient vessel operations, said Nicolas Furgé, President, Digital, Marlink. The Ocean Learning Platform provides our customers with even more options to access the training and competence management materials they need, enabling their crews to stay compliant and support their personal development.

About the Marlink Group

Marlink is the trusted partner in fully managed smart network solutions, based on an intelligent hybrid network and unrivalled digital solutions.

The company provides Smart Network Solutions, connecting people and assets around the globe and across all markets where conventional connectivity cannot reach or is not available. Marlink’s Intelligent Hybrid Network combines global satcom and terrestrial technologies via a proprietary global infrastructure.

The Marlink Smart Edge, an integrated service delivery platform, orchestrates and optimises all network elements and applications, from data handling and IT to application-based routing (SD Wan), cloud and Digital Solutions, including remote data and IT, cyber security as well as IoT/OT solutions.

This provides customers with full ‘Peace of Mind’ that their chosen network solution is fully optimised, integrated and has the security required to operate more profitably and sustainably, increasing their efficiency and safety through operational optimisation, tracking and routing, monitoring and reporting.

Marlink’s Smart Network Solutions are provided as Managed Services meeting the highest quality standards and service level agreements. The company proactively monitors and supports network solutions, providing alerts, reporting and insights on performance and usage of connectivity, systems, and applications as well as advice and consultancy on how to further optimise customer networks.

Please visit www.marlink.com for more information.

About Ocean Technologies Group

Ocean Technologies Group provides ship operators across the globe with digital learning, assessment, maritime HR and fleet Management solutions. Built on historic and iconic maritime brands Seagull Maritime and Videotel and further strengthened by the addition of the COEX, COMPAS, Marlins, Maritime Training Services and Tero Marine brands, it boasts over 100 years’ collective experience of helping the most successful ship operators achieve the highest standards of safety and operational excellence. Dedicated to realising the potential of every seafarer and every ship, Ocean Technologies Group and its global team of over 300 Oceaneers help to make the industry safer, stronger and able to excel.

Please visit www.oceantg.com for more information