Podcast: As vessel connectivity evolves, what does LEO mean for shipowners?

Wednesday 1, February 2023

Tore Morten Podcast RivieraSatellite connectivity is changing and new LEO services offer the potential to transform maritime operations with higher speeds and lower latency than more traditional communications.

But how can these new technologies be best deployed and integrated into a vessel environment, to advance digitalisation but ensure that critical communications are protected?

In this 10-minute podcast, Marlink’s President Maritime, Tore Morten Olsen, discusses the huge opportunities that LEO services present to shipowners and why they need a network integrator to understand their specific needs and design the best solution for them.

You can listen to the podcast, produced with Riviera Maritime Media, on SoundCloud here:

Satellite connectivity and LEO podcast

What’s important for owners is that demand will evolve as shipping becomes more digital, operators will rely more on communications in their daily work, says Tore Morten Olsen. There are several parameters to consider; not just speed of throughput but also quality and reliability so that the service is available when you need it at the right level of performance.

New LEO services could be a game-changer for advancing digitalisation, contributing to decarbonisation and sustainability targets as well as boosting operational performance and enhancing crew welfare.

Find out more about how we integrate new LEO connectivity for maritime customers here.

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