4G Services

4G Services

The full portfolio of always-available connectivity solutions

Marlink’s 4G Services comprises a portfolio of low latency, high bandwidth multicarrier solutions to provide high quality connectivity anytime, anywhere. Designed to complement our Sealink™ VSAT services, 4G Services further secures the reliability and high bandwidth needs for vessel and fleet management.

Based on the user’s predefined parameters, 4G Services seamlessly combines multiple communication carriers (SatCom and terrestrial) to provide the best available link. Thus ship owners maintain full control of how communication is routed via a management interface, allowing them to set priorities according to their own requirements and preferences at any given time.

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  • Features
  • A diverse range of connectivity options can be facilitated within the 4G Services portfolio, including:

    Near Coastal Communications

    Cost-efficient communications provided through the latest terrestrial GSM and WiFi technologies:

    • 3G/4G – data rates of up to 3 Mbps on 3G and up to 40 Mbps on 4G
    • WiFi – connect to wireless networks with bandwidth up to 100 Mbps when ports are within reach

    North Sea LTE Coverage

    • Tampnet low-latency 4G LTE service with data rates of up to 50 Mbps, available in the North Sea
    • Tampnet operates the largest offshore high capacity communication network in the world, carrying traffic for approximately 200 platforms and a large number of vessels in the Norwegian, Danish and UK sector of the North Sea

    Broadband MSS Back Up

    In case VSAT connectivity becomes unavailable, data communication is rerouted over Mobile Satellite Services (MSS). Choose from MSS airtime packages to suit your particular needs:

    • Restricted or open user access
    • Automatic or manual rerouting of data to MSS carrier:
      – Inmarsat FleetBroadband provides global coverage at data rates of up to 432 Kbps
      – Iridium Certus provides global coverage, including the Arctic and Antarctic at data rates up to 128 Kbps
    • Intelligent automatic reconnection to Sealink™ VSAT as soon as it is available again

    Out-of-band Management

    Marlink’s Maritime Network Operations Centre (MNOC) gains direct remote access via multiple carriers to your vessel and proactively monitors on-board connectivity performance around-the-clock. Remote software updates and reconfigurations can take place with no manual intervention required onboard.
    Further carriers will be continuously added to 4G Services to accommodate emerging technologies and ensure customers can utilise new services as they become available.

  • Compatibility
  • 4G Services are suitable for Sealink™ ‘Customised’ users on the iDirect platform.