Data Manager

Data Manager

Data Manager enables you to manage your data solutions and services through a secure and simple online portal. It combines complex and powerful IP capabilities with administrative simplicity for secure communications.

Data Manager provides a variety of versatile features to make managing data traffic more efficient, including: Web compression, Web filtering, advanced Firewall and many more.

  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Compatibility
  • Features
  • Data Manager minimises the workload associated with managing satellite data communications and optimises everyday business in the field, at sea or in the air.

    • Status Profile: provides a real-time overview of subscribed features and terminal status (ie. actually allocated IP addresses)
    • Enhanced firewall: customise Data Manager firewall to meet your individual requirements and allow only desired data traffic
    • Web compression: reduces significantly the size of visited pages by compressing, blocking or removing heavy content like pictures, advertising, videos, etc
    • Web filtering: your personal web access gatekeeper – combined with web compression, it does not only reduce the volume of visited pages but also prevents undesired web pages or related content from being accessed or downloaded
    • Consumption details: retrieves in near real-time an exact overview of terminal traffic for previous 90 days
    • Satellite-independent: manage all Marlink’s broadband satellite services with a single tool
    • For large customers & distributors only, enhanced features are available
  • Benefits
  • Data Manager combines complex and powerful IP-capabilities with administrative simplicity.

    • Easy access: around-the-clock secure access via  with intuitive navigation
    • Multilingual: available in English, French and German
    • All-in-one solution: central online interface to manage all IP-based solutions
    • Flexibility: customise Data Managers features like Firewall, Web Compression or Web Filtering
    • Simplicity: easy-to-use, with no installation required; all standard web browsers supported
    • Security: full security package to protect your terminals from internet attacks and only allows selected communication from the Internet
    • Multi-level users:  available for mobile users, large customers and service providers
    • Unique support: on-demand professional support from Marlink’s technical teams
  • Compatibility
  • Compatible with various data services

    Data Manager is currently available on Inmarsat, Thuraya, Iridium and Marlink’s data services: