Iridium GO!

Iridium GO!

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For travellers, businesses, emergency and first responders, NGOs, fishing and leisure boats or for anyone who is on the move, Iridium GO! creates a reliable global connection on all personal devices, where terrestrial networks cannot. Powered by Iridium’s truly global network, this rugged unit extends the capabilities of any smartphone, laptop or tablet by creating a satellite-backed Wi-Fi hotspot everywhere, on land and at sea.

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  • Features
  • Simple Access to Business Applications Anywhere : Simply flip up the integrated antenna and the unit connects quickly and automatically to the Iridium satellite constellation to create a WiFi hotspot within approximately a 30.5 meter (100 foot) radius. Multiple devices can be connected within this area, using the Iridium GO! unit. Iridium GO! supports a full range of global communications, including:

    • Voice calls via a high-quality voice line, independently of cellular networks
    • Email access
    • SMS: make and receive texts
    • Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter
    • GPS tracking
    • SOS alerts
  • Benefits
    • Iridium pole-to-pole coverage
    • Global voice and data communications
    • Versatile services and applications: voice calls, SMS, email, social networks, photo sharing, GPS tracking, SOS alert, etc.
    • Compatible with smartphones (Apple and Android), laptops and tablets
    • Easy to set-up: simply flip up the integrated antenna and the unit will automatically connect to the Iridium network
    • Multi-user capability: the WiFi hotspot can connect up to 5 devices
    • Affordable solution: one worldwide rate for calling eliminates cellular roaming charges
    • App API for developers
  • Equipment
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      Iridium GO!

      The Iridium GO device is small enough to fit in your pocket. With the highest ingress protection rating (IP65) and military durability, it withstands rain, sand, dust and rough use.

      11.4 x 8.2 x 3.2 cm

      Durability Specifications
      - Military-grade ruggedness (MIL-STD 810F)
      - Ingress Protection (IP65)

  • Applications
  • Iridium GO! simplifies global communications for:

    Iridium Go! App

    • Pilots, boaters and truckersSend quick GPS or check-in messages
    • Adventurers and explorers
    • Remote residents and vacationers
    • Emergency and first responders

    Iridium Mail & web

    • Global and business travelers
    • Global enterprise
    • Government and NGOs
    • Military operations
    • M2M applications
  • Coverage
  • Iridium L-band coverage

    This map represents expectations of coverage and does not guarantee service availability.

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