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Iritrack is a sophisticated satellite-based tracking and security system providing reliable two-way data and voice communications in a single device.
Iritrack features advanced security capabilities such as manual panic buttons and embedded sensors that trigger automatic alarms. The inbuilt hands-free voice function and bidirectional text messaging capabilities enable communications at all times, and the internal battery and antennas give autonomy for portable use so that you can bring Iritrack with you. Iritrack ensures accurate and continuous tracking and communications and acts as your lifeline at emergencies until the situation is safe.
The system is designed for high protection applications and mission-critical operations in challenging environments. Iritrack is the ideal health and safety lifeline for humanitarian workers operating in critical areas, field personnel on remote sites, high profile personalities in dangerous zones, as well as sports rally riders in extreme conditions.

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  • Features
    • Global Iridium coverage, even in the most remote locations of the planet
    • Real-time tracking based on user defined tracking modes
    • Hands-free two-way voice call function to keep in touch at any time
    • Bidirectional text messaging with LED display and canned text messages for quick communications
    • Manual panic buttons configurable by the user, to be used in emergency situations or for identification purposes
    • Automatic alarms triggered by embedded accelerometer and inclinometer
    • Geofencing to receive violation alerts sent when the asset exits and enters the boundaries of predefined zones
    • Speed control within predefined zones
    • Radio module for relay of alerts between Iritrack devices
    • Bluetooth for remote configuration and download of reports
    • M2M capabilities via CAN Bus and RS232 peripheral interfaces
  • Benefits
    • Full turn-key tracking solution with tracking, voice and data, messaging, manual alerts and automatic alarms in a single unit
    • Global tracking and communications in the most remote locations of the planet
    • No need of additional handset: Iritrack has embedded microphone and loudspeaker to enable two-way communications and a LED display to send text messages at all times
    • Silent-listening calls can be initiated remotely on Iritrack to get situational awareness in case of an attack or accident
    • Sophisticated alarm system that sends automatic and manual alarms for immediate assistance
    • Geofencing for enhanced control and security in dangerous and critical areas
    • Bring the portable Iritrack with you in case of emergency to ensure continuous contact until rescue
    • Maximum flexibility to adapt Iritrack with handset, remote panic button, buzzer/flash, and M2M capabilities
    • Robust IP67 compliant terminal that withstands harsh physical and environmental conditions
    • Satellite back-up by radio module to relay alerts between Iritrack units for enhanced security
    • Remote configuration and download capabilities to change tracking mode and retrieve tracking reports
    • Administrative control via online Proximity tracking platform to monitor your remote assets and to manage geofencing, alarms and event notifications. Detailed reporting and administration of terminals and users
  • Equipment
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      Iritrack device

      A complete tracking and management solution with administration, monitoring, mapping, geofencing, and reporting.

  • Applications
    • Tracking of personnel operating in harsh environments
    • Security applications for mission-critical operations
    • Protection of high profile personalities
    • Health and safety lifeline for extreme sports events
    • Security of field personnel in remote locations
    • Situational awareness in deserted and challenging environments
  • Coverage
  • Iridium L-band coverage

    This map represents expectations of coverage and does not guarantee service availability.

  • Digital Solutions
    • Proximity: a global M2M platform to access to assets located anywhere. Proximity provides monitoring, localisation, control and management solution for fixed and mobile satellite M2M and tracking terminals on a unique multi-device platform.
    • Training Academy