Maritime Regulatory

Maritime Regulatory

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Our maritime regulatory solutions help customers comply with maritime regulations and ensure security on board.

Further they allow tracking and monitoring of vessels.

  • Benefits
  • SkyFile® NOAD
  • SSAS
  • LRIT
  • VMS
  • Benefits
    • Full compliance with US Coast Guard requirements with SkyFile NOAD
    • Initiation of a covert ship-to-shore security alert to a designated authority with Ship Security Alert System
    • Global identification and tracking of ships with LRIT
    • Vessel Monitoring with VMS
  • SkyFile® NOAD
  • For safety reasons all vessels reaching and departing the US coastline must complete specific regulatory forms.

    To save time for shipmasters, these forms can be easily completed with our SkyFile NOAD software and transmitted electronically via SkyFile Mail.

    More efficiency:

    Benefit from NOAD incorporated into our well-known SkyFile Mail messaging software for greater efficiency.

    Full compliance with US Coast Guard requirements: Use SkyFile NOAD for easy and efficient submission of electronic regulatory forms.

    • Easy to install and use
    • Approved by US Coast Guard
    • Automatic data transfer from NOAD to SkyFile Mail
    • Self-registration (via website)

    For better control, a copy of the file can be sent to the shipping company or a designated contact.

    • Completed NOAD forms are sent more quickly and cost-efficiently thanks to SkyFile Mail’s compression tool
    • Provided with a local HTTP server
    • Light file for quick software installation on your fleet of vessels (less than 900kb)
  • SSAS
  • Ship Security Alert System via Inmarsat C

    Our Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) solution improves the security of maritime vessels by identifying the ship and its location and indicating if the security of the ship is under threat or has been compromised.

    • Enables vessel to initiate and transmit a covert ship-to-shore security alert to a designated authority
    • Meets IMO (International Maritime Organization) requirements
    • All existing Inmarsat C terminals meeting SSAS Requirements supported
    • Alerts sent via our teleports can be delivered in various formats: telex, fax, PSTN modem, email as well as by an SMS using SkyFile C

    As of 2004, all commercial vessels above 500 gross tonnage (GT) are required, by the International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS), to have an operational SSAS installed.

    The SSAS is a one-way, ship-to-shore alarm that sends a silent security alert from the ship, as soon as the security of the vessel is under threat or compromised. It is used in combination with an Inmarsat C, which provides a store-and-forward data and messaging service.

  • LRIT
  • The Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) system provides global identification and tracking of ships. With our solution you benefit from the most modern infrastructure, our long experience and our worldwide availability.

    • Contracted with major LRIT players all over the world
    • Using our dedicated state of the art Inmarsat C infrastructure (SkyFile Data Track + Inmarsat C IP-Fep) at our Land Earth Station at Aussaguel
    • Most important provider of LRIT traffic, more than 10,000 vessels routing their traffic via our French & Norwegian infrastructures.

    From 1st January 2009, all passenger ships, high speed craft, and cargo ships of 300 gross tonnage and upwards are regulated by the 160 Contracting Governments of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and must be tracked with a Long Range Identification and Tracking System.

  • VMS
  • Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) is a key part of monitoring control and surveillance (MCS) programs at national and international levels or the commercial fishing industry. It allows environmental and fisheries regulatory organizations to monitor the position, time at position, the speed and course of fishing vessels.

    Marlink has been approved and selected by many countries and VMS data centers worldwide, in particular in Australia, Africa, South America and Europe due to their :

    • Long-standing experience with Inmarsat C business
    • 24/7 hour customer care and support
    • Worldwide availability

    Most of the VMS programs are based on the most reliable satellite equipment, Inmarsat C.

    Inmarsat C gives not only the services adapted to the VMS requirements but also provides high reliability and security thanks to its GMDSS components.