Free, flexible and 24/7 online: Portal360 is our new advanced online management tool enabling you and your customers to manage satellite communications and value added services the smarter way.

Portal360 provides direct access to a variety of information such as account and subscription information, electronic invoices, service usage and much more. You can proactively and efficiently manage your customers – and stay in full control of their accounts and business.

With a secure, intuitive interface the portal features a ‘dashboard view’ providing key information at a glance. Usage and settings can be monitored and managed at your fingertips. Key information can be instantly filtered or downloaded. Using your administrator’s accounts, you can create access for your customers and manage their user rights. What they can see and do is entirely up to you.

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Compatibility
  • Benefits
    • 24/7 online management of satcom business
    • One access – multiple management options
    • User-friendly interface allows intuitive navigation and individual adjustment
    • Modern dashboard: alerts users to key information and gain quick access through widgets
    • Advanced filtering & search options offer simple access to specific information and a streamlined approach to service settings
    • Flexible user creation and rights administration
    • Users have the option to organise their information display by vessel or fleet
  • Features
  • Portal360 is continuously evolving to capture your latest needs. Amongst the functionalities currently available are:


    • Monitor Sealink Allowances usage and manage top-ups for allowance packages
    • Management of Sealink Business Subscriptions: access and manage account details including vessel and subscriber info, installation and antenna info and the service plan (CIR/MIR) per vessel
    • VSAT Monitor: includes a multitude of new features for Sealink Allowances, Sealink Business and Fleet Xpress customers, including:
      – Fleet Maps: trace the route and current position of all vessels in the fleet on a dynamic map. Choose how you want to have the Map displayed and see live info outlined for each region, such as satellite coverage area overlays:
      – VSAT Link Status: view the status of the VSAT link and get a quick overview of the status of the entire fleet
      – Data Consumption: track each vessel’s data consumption (or quota usage for Sealink Allowances) and monitor ongoing trends


    • View and monitor XChange boxes
    • Download usage and credit logs for further analysis and processing
    • Manage price matrixes, data synchronisation and software updates
    • Remotely manage onboard XChange user accounts and their local allowance credit


    • View and manage SkyFile Mail accounts and their configurations
    • Monitor SkyFile Mail traffic
    • Handle messages in quarantine and download usage logs
    • Check SkyFile Anti Virus subscriptions

    Invoices and rated CDR: View and download electronic invoices as well as rated call records

    SIM cards: View IOP and IDP SIM card details and information on which vessel they belong to.

  • Compatibility
  • Portal360 is currently available on the following services:

    Sealink Allowances, Fleet Xpress, Iridium OpenPort, FleetBroadband, BGAN, XChange, SkyFile Suite of Services and Proximity.