Proximity is a global M2M monitoring and management solution providing complete visibility and control of all fixed and mobile satellite M2M and tracking terminals in a single multi-device platform.

From low data rates to high-speed IP terminals, Proximity manages all M2M devices operating in remote locations across multiple connectivity networks. The system provides real-time terminal monitoring and helps keep operations running smoothly for quicker decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.
Proximity is built on a unique infrastructure based on a single-protocol data access, compatible with all M2M applications and systems. M2M terminals are seamlessly integrated into a single platform to avoid separate operations of various satellite operator systems.

Proximity is available as a Customer Web Portal and as Web Services API:

  • Web Portal for remote terminal management, location-based services and bidirectional messaging, including advanced reporting, multi-user management structure.
  • Web Services API for quick and seamless integration of satellite M2M terminals into existing applications
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Applications
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  • Features
  • Proximity provides advanced features to localise and monitor, manage and administrate your fleet of M2M terminals worldwide.

    • Monitoring
    • Remote terminal management
    • Alert management
    • Notifications by email or SMS
    • Bidirectional messaging
    • Tracking
    • Geofencing
    • Management of your Points of Interest (POI)
  • Benefits
    • State-of-the-art technology to meet even the most demanding M2M applications
    • Single multi-device platform for complete monitoring of all satellite M2M and tracking terminals
    • Future-proof infrastructure with unique standard protocol to combine M2M devices from multi-networks into one platform
    • Real-time data at all times via data polling and event-driven alert notifications
    • End-to-end solution including M2M terminals, global satellite connectivity services, real-time monitoring tools, and 24/7 customer care

    Web Portal - Key Operational Benefits

    • Connect & Operate your remote terminals quickly and easily
    • Secure web-based 24/7 access from any location with no need for software
    • Easy-to-use interface for consistent and efficient management
    • Reduced need for on-site visits and skilled field personnel to manage remote operations
    • Performance analysis via customisable reporting features for quicker decision-making
    • Administration features for terminal management and multi-user management
    • Mapping: Standard Google Maps cartography & multi-layer mapping capabilities
    • White labelling capabilities

    API Services - Key Development Benefits

    • Develop & Deploy robust API for complete integration within your applications
    • Future-Proof for long-term business performance
    • Flexibility for integration of new networks and terminals via single-protocol data access
    • Unique code language with no need for multiple device programming languages
    • Quick Building and accelerated development of your M2M application
    • Reduced development costs to enhance your business tools with cost-efficient one-time investment
  • Applications
    • Oil & Gas: Pipeline monitoring
    • Utility: Smart grid
    • Transport & Logistics: Asset tracking & protection
    • Maritime: Vessel & buoys monitoring
    • Environmental: wind and solar emission readings
    • Financial: remote ATM
  • Related Products
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    • IsatData Pro: a global two-way very low speed data service for machine to machine (M2M) communications.
    • Iritrack: a sophisticated satellite-based tracking and security system providing reliable two-way data and voice communications in a single device.
    • Smalltrack: a reliable, autonomous satellite tracking and data reporting system designed for real-time localisation and protection of your remote personnel, equipment and vehicles operating worldwide.
    • Iridium Extreme: a robust, easy-to-use and affordable handset with pole-to-pole coverage.
    • Iridium NAL SHOUT Nano: a handheld, global, two-way satellite communication device and emergency beacon.
    • Inmarsat C: used for distress and safety communications as well as fleet tracking, Inmarsat C and Mini C enable you to send & receive data messages of up to 32 kilobytes.