Sealink Flex

Sealink Flex

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A bespoke VSAT connectivity service, Sealink Flex enables higher speeds with the ultimate regional and seasonal flexibility.

With six specially created high speed zones and a rapid change process enabling variations to bandwidth to be implemented fast, Sealink Flex is an ideal VSAT connectivity service for offshore and specialised maritime customers.

We understand that many companies have regional connectivity demands and periodic service requirements, so Sealink Flex can be tailored to meet your specific vessel and operational needs.

  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Equipment
  • Coverage
  • High Speed Zones
  • Digital Solutions
  • Features
    • Flexible, high end CIR-based service
    • Regional and global Ku-band VSAT with higher data speeds
    • Wide choice of antennas
    • Over 100 bandwidth choices with up to 20 mbps base bandwidth
    • High speed zones for offshore energy customers: North Sea, West Africa, Middle East, SE Asia, Brazil, Gulf of Mexico
  • Benefits
  • Sealink Flex offers:

    Bandwidth flexibility

    • Increase bandwidth temporarily, from 1 day* to several months, with guaranteed speeds. *subject to approval. Standard minimum upgrade is for one month

    Offshore high speed zones

    • Six high speed zones, specially designed for energy customers

    Extended Hardware Choice

    • Range of antenna widths from 85cm - 1.5m
    • Integrated services router powering high-end value added services

    Rapid response

    • Requests to change bandwidth are processed within a maximum of 72 hours and can even be implemented in a few hours for most service level upgrades

    Value Added Services

    • High-end solutions and shore-based value added services powered by XChange (and Cisco) network service devices
  • Equipment
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      Sealink v85 / 1m / 1.3m / 1.5m Intellian Antennas

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      Sealink Cobham Sailor 900

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      Sealink Cobham Sea Tel 6012

  • Coverage map
  • Sealink Flex Global Coverage

    Map depicts an approximation of coverage, does not guarantee service availability and is subject to change.

  • High Speed Zones
  • Created especially for offshore energy customers, our high speed zones enable fast connectivity in the North Sea, West Africa, Middle East, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil and South East Asia.


    These maps represent expectations of coverage and does not guarantee service availability.

  • Digital Solutions
    • Portal360: our online portal enabling quick and easy monitoring at your fingertips.
    • Prepaid Solutions: prepaid telephone and data usage.
    • XChange: centralised IT and communications management to optimise security, enable remote access and support and motivate crew.
    • XChange BYOD: enables the use of personal devices at sea.
    • Fixed to Mobile Call Solutions: enables calls to vessels from shore for the same price of a local call.