Sealink Plus

Sealink Plus

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Marlink’s Sealink™ Plus packages combine your choice of a Sealink Allowance or Sealink Premium plan (with guaranteed speeds), with unlimited Iridium OpenPort or Inmarsat FleetBroadband MSS back-up (airtime and hardware included) for ship’s business; compact stabilised antennas for rapid installations, and our XChange platform providing centralised VoIP, data and Internet access. Plus a catalogue of fully integrated Value Added Services to complement your connectivity. This service is ideal for shipping companies seeking a full package of high quality, reliable and unlimited communications for business and crew, with full cost predictability and efficient administration and cost management tools.

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  • Features
  • Global VSAT with the best Ku-band coverage:

    • Extra large GB allowances: up to 80 GB per month
    • Or guaranteed speeds up to 1 Mbps CIR

    Unlimited MSS back-up, for business data communications

    • Iridium OpenPort or Inmarsat FleetBroadband
    • MSS airtime and hardware included

    XChange platform that provides centralized VoIP, data and internet access

    • With automatic fallback switching from MSS
    • Optional Bring Your Own Device solution and Internet Café
    • Fully integrated value-added services
  • Benefits
  • Seamlessly managing Ku-band VSAT and MSS (Mobile Satellite Services) airtime and hardware, Sealink Plus offers the best value for money and choice for global maritime broadband.

    • Global unlimited Ku-band connectivity, with extra-large allowance packages or Committed Information Rates (CIR)
    • The most extensive Ku-band coverage available on the market today
    • Industry-leading stabilized antennas (Intellian or Cobham) - 1 meter, 80 cm or 60 cm
    • Unlimited MSS back-up over Iridium OpenPort® or Inmarsat FleetBroadband
    • XChange with Automatic Beam Switching
    • Optional Bring Your Own Device solution, enabling crew to use their own private smartphones, PCs and tablets onboard for full privacy and convenience
    • Easy, stand-alone or network compatible installation
    • 24/7 global customer support
  • Equipment
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      Sealink V60/80/100 Intellian Antenna

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      Sealink Intellian V240 C-Band VSAT Antenna System

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      Sealink Intellian V240 Multi-Band VSAT Antenna System

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  • Sealink Plus Coverage Maps

  • Digital Solutions
    • Portal360: Marlink’s online portal enables quick and easy monitoring at your fingertips.
    • XChange: centralised IT and communications management to optimize security, enable remote access and support and motivate crew.
    • XChange BYOD: enables the use of personal devices at sea.
    • XChange Media: delivers daily news and sport bulletins onboard for crew entertainment and morale.
    • Universal Card Go: Prepaid telephone and data usage. online portal enabling quick and easy monitoring at your fingertips.
    • Fixed to Mobile Call Solutions: Enables calls to vessels from shore for the same price of a local call.
    • VPN: Establish secure connections between vessels and land offices cost-effectively.
    • SkyFile® Mail: Reliable and cost-effective email, fax and SMS messaging.
    • SkyFile® Anti Virus: Fully automatic, over the air anti-virus updates.
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