Terralink News

Terralink News

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Using reliable, high throughput links on the advanced Ka-SAT satellite, Terralink News gives media professionals a highly flexible and reliable solution for data connectivity and dedicated live streaming. Terralink News helps you shoot and deliver your story quickly without complications. It is the most reliable solution for live video streaming with dedicated bandwidth through hardware specially designed for ease of use.

  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Equipment
  • Applications
  • Coverage
  • Digital Solutions
  • Features
    • Up to 10 Mbps duplex dedicated bandwidth
    • On-demand activation: service activation is guaranteed on short notice
    • Easy online booking through a customer portal
    • Internet access or private network

    2 types of service

    • Dedicated bandwidth for occasional use with dedicated capacity
    • Shared bandwidth for occasional use with best effort

    • Pay-as-you-go: no use, no charge
    • Quick Deploy VSAT: Drive-Away and Fly-Away systems
    • Portable equipment with lightweight VSAT terminal, IATA compliant
    • Easy to set up with limited technical expertise
    • Coverage: Europe and Mediterranean Basin (Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Algeria) & spot coverage in the Persian Gulf.
  • Benefits
  • Benefits

    • Flexible: available for live streaming and data delivery
    • Easy to use: each journalist can set it up in minutes
    • Convenient: immediate on-demand airtime booking for temporary or more permanent uses
    • Affordable: competitive equipment and airtime costs
    • Portable: easy transport and handling
    • Broadband: different classes of service for fast down and upstream rates
    • 24/7 Service desk and proactive technical support

    Online Booking

    • Get access to our advanced Customer Portal for bandwidth monitoring and instant access to online booking
    • If you need a story fast, or if you need to broadcast live at high quality, you can book it online quickly in 3 simple steps: select your location, select your bandwidth, select start time and duration (15 minutes minimum) – and go live!
  • Equipment
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      Small, light and easy set-up Fly-Away system for easy transportation (< 35kg)
      - 0,8m manual antenna
      - Aluminium fly-case
      - IATA compliant
      - Quick deployment in 15 minutes by one person
      - Eutelsat approved

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      This VSAT unit is Eutelsat approved and delivers up to 10 Mbps duplex. Easy to use, it includes an automatic 360o pointing.
      - 0.80m autopointing antenna
      - 360° button deploy
      - Integrated equipment rack including UPS, router, Wi-Fi hub, patch panel, antenna controller, and 2 modems
      - Power inverter
      - Easy and fast deployment for untrained staff
      - Complete IP communications center, multiple users, simple servicing
      - 1 hour UPS self-autonomy
      - Eutelsat approved

  • Applications
    • Live Broadcast
    • Event coverage
    • Radio
    • Concert
    • Connection enabling full office functionality such as voice, email, fax and file transfer
  • Coverage
  • Ka-Band Coverage

    These maps represent expectations of coverage and does not guarantee service availability.

  • Digital Solutions
    • Portal360: Marlink’s online portal enables quick and easy monitoring at your fingertips.
    • Service Management: With dedicated Service Manager.
    • Terrestrial Connectivity: Landing at our HUB, backbone connectivity is included in the service, including IP address allocation.
    • Wireless EXtension solution: Extend the footprint of your remote Local Area Network (LAN) with a secured Wi-Fi network or a Point-to-Point link.
    • Terravox: Benefit from high quality voice calling with lower relative per minute charges and the opportunity for free calls within your network.
    • Training Academy