XChange VideoTalk

XChange VideoTalk

Marlink’s latest crew research indicates that 97% of crew members want video telephony on board. Answering this demand, our new premium service, XChange VideoTalk has been expertly developed to provide the ideal tool for quality, ship-to-shore crew voice and video calling, as well as instant messaging.

Optimal for use in satcom environments, ship operators can fully monitor and control the data consumed via the VideoTalk app, while offering a sophisticated, economical tool for crew.

  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Features
    • Crew members, their friends and family download Marlink’s XChange VideoTalk app free of charge from Google Playstore
    • On board, a WiFi access point is connected to XChange to enable a BYOD environment
    • Connected to the onboard WiFi, crew members use the app to invite onshore users to become their ‘buddies’
    • Voice and video calls are initiated by crew members (ship-to-shore) only, meaning no interruptions during work hours
    • XChange VideoTalk sessions use the crew LAN to make a best-effort connection to shore
    • Unlike with other well-known video calling applications, a vessel operator can fully control use of the app on board
    • Via Portal360, administrators can set restrictions on the maximum number of simultaneous sessions and on maximum bandwidth usage per connection and can monitor usage in traffic logs
  • Benefits
  • For Ship Operators

    • Full control: using Portal360, crew data consumption can be completely separated from corporate traffic while ship operators have the ability to maintain full control:
    • Define the maximum number of simultaneous VideoTalk sessions
    • Allocate the maximum throughput allowed per session
    • Assign per-MB pricing dedicated to VideoTalk
    • Clearly identify VideoTalk use in traffic logs
    • Allocate time windows for crew data use
    • Minimal distractions: a ship-to-shore-only call policy prevents inbound calls and distractions during work time
    • Meet crew demand: XChange VideoTalk presents the ideal alternative to other non-satcom suitable, high bandwidth consuming applications often enjoyed by crew

    For Crew

    • Stay in touch: crew can feel closer to home and experience live events face to face with loved ones
    • Keep costs in check: crew can choose between different data quality levels to actively limit their MB-consumption
    • No distractions: no unwanted background traffic during XChange VideoTalk sessions
    • Everything on one system: automatic login to user’s personal XChange account
  • The free-of-charge XChange VideoTalk app can be downloaded from Google Playstore and can be used over the XChange network onboard vessels with Sealink VSAT connectivity.

    The vessel requires XChange 4.3 or higher, personal XChange user accounts for crew and WIFI on board.

  • As an XChange premium service, vessels activated for XChange VideoTalk usage are subject to a small monthly fee. Similar to regular data traffic generated by crew, VideoTalk usage is deducted from the crew member’s personal XChange Local Allowance credit. Early adopters of the service will benefit from having their monthly subscription fee waived until end of April 2019!

    Ts & Cs apply. Contact us for further details.