Remote Operations and the advantages for maritime


Smart, connected, remote technologies are taking maritime to a new frontier of safe, reliable and sustainable operations.

While the path to autonomous vessels is a long journey for many maritime organisations, the technology enabling remote operations, such as monitoring, support, training and medical assistance, is here now and helping many shipping companies to standardise their systems, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Here, we explore the advantages of remote technology available today and consider how the next few years might shape up as maritime organisations seek to adopt more digitalisation, comply with regulations, and evolve to a smart, sustainable and more profitable future.


Remote technology in maritime – why wait?

Bureau Veritas, Marlink and a panel of experts assess the benefits and opportunities of remote technology in maritime.

The recorded panel discussion addressed questions like:

  • How do owners and suppliers navigate remote technology successfully?
  • What are the regulatory and technical challenges to address?
  • What are the steps that can be taken today and what are longer term?
  • What are the prerequisites and obstacles to address for remote operations?

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