Smart Network Solutions

Designed to digitalise and future-proof your remote operations

To operate anywhere and accelerate the digitalisation of your business, you need smartly integrated, hybrid and future-proof network solutions.

Our solutions are tailored around your needs: intelligently integrating network and digital solutions, available globally, orchestrated via our secure SD-WAN technology, cyber secured end2end and actively managed.

To give you the fastest speeds, the most reliable access to business-critical applications, manage your IT network and provide real-time access to critical operational data via IoT.

We support the digitalisation of your business through enhanced user experience and optimised application performance to give you the full peace of mind that you can operate your assets in ever smarter, more profitable and sustainable ways.

What makes the Smart Network unique?

  • Future-ready Satcoms

    • GEO
    • MEO
    • LEO
    • Scalability
    • Faster throughput
    • Lower latency
    • Pro-active Support

    • Committed SLAs

    • Service Managers

    • Field Services

  • Digital solutions

    • Cyber Security
    • IT Management
    • IoT
    • M2M
    • Crew & Worker Welfare
  • Terrestrial Connectivity

    • 4G
    • 4G+
    • 5G
    • Fibre
    • MPLS
    • Wifi
    • ISP
  • Built around your needs

    • Design
    • Implement
    • Operate
    • Manage
    • Peace of Mind
  • Customers

    • 0 + Maritime VSAT
    • 0 + Land VSAT
    • 0 + Mobile



  • Network as a Service

    • Network Management
    • SD-WAN Orchestration
    • Cloud Access
    • Local Networking
    • Application Performance Monitoring

How our smart network solutions can unlock your digital strategy

The key to unlock your digital strategy are our smart network solutions, designed to digitise and optimise your remote operations. Three layers that work hand-in-hand:

  1. 1

    Unique network of networks, combining multiple satellite connectivity technologies – from GEO, LEO to MEO – with terrestrial technologies – into one resilient hybrid network.

  2. 2

    Portfolio of digital solutions to transform your business operations into a truly digital advantage. From remote IT and cyber security to data access and IoT, we seamlessly integrate your network solution so you can take advantage of increased efficiency, reduced costs and crew welfare.

  3. 3

    Network-as-a-service, where we design, implement and manage your advanced solutions, , with SD-WAN orchestration and network management from LAN to Cloud, committed SLAs, dedicated customer support, service managers and on-site field service.


What are Smart Network Solutions benefits?

  • Hybrid Solutions

    We combine and optimise satellite and terrestrial services for a seamlessly integrated and truly global user experience

  • Digital Advantage

    Remote IT, Cloud access, cyber security, IoT and M2M help transform your business operations and achieve your digitalisation

  • Tailored Solutions

    Our smart network solution ultimately becomes your single solution with committed SLAs, pro-active support, service managers, on-site field service, etc.

  • Future-ready

    Our smart network solutions are constantly evolving to grow with your needs and encompass new services and applications as they become available

  • Peace of Mind

    As a true network integrator, we design, implement and end-to-end manage your solution, giving a seamless user experience and complete peace of mind

What does an SLA look like in the NGSO world?


What are some of the major challenges with operating without an uptime SLA?

As the NGSO market is just beginning to take off, we’re seeing an increase in demand for integrating LEO and MEO connectivity, with many customers seeing the potential benefits of an increase in bandwidth and a low-latency connection. However, with MEO and LEO providers mainly providing a “best-effort” service, the necessity for a smart network provider increases.

Case Studies

  • Smart network technology with hybrid connectivity to drive Odfjell’s cloud-based digital strategy

    Marlink has signed a renewal agreement with Odfjell Management AS, providing seamless access to global enterprise and crew applications across 52 vessels. Marlink will deploy its hybrid connectivity solution to the fleet, including high throughput VSAT, L-band and 4G services using software-defined routing (SD-WAN) for seamless, intelligent data flow via Marlink’s onboard XChange router.

  • Marlink breaks boundaries to deliver smart hybrid connectivity to Ponant

    Marlink provided a truly unique and industry-first hybrid network solution, combining Sealink dual C- and Ku-band VSAT connectivity, GEO and LEO L-band connectivity and a high-data volume LEO store & forward capability. The network employs the latest technologies, including software defined routing (SD-WAN) for an optimised and unparalleled guest experience.

  • Optimised network performance with NaaS solution to enhance humanitarian relief operations

    An international humanitarian organisation actively involved in global relief operations in emerging markets, has selected Marlink to deliver a customised Network-as-a-Service solution. A flexible solution was required to secure and improve the performance of their hybrid network but also to enable safe and efficient extension of the network, from their headquarters and data centre to their remote country and regional offices, and into the cloud.

  • Marlink supports digitalisation strategy for Scorpio Ship Management S.A.M.

    User demand for digital services in the maritime industry is increasing rapidly, with customer needs for specialised applications calling for ever more bandwidth and lower latency connectivity. Vessel operators must balance complex needs for performance monitoring, regulatory compliance and commercial agility and are increasingly turning to digital tools for support.