Teekay chooses Sealink VSAT for its shuttle tanker fleet

Tuesday 7, February 2017

Renewed contract for Sealink VSAT provides competitive, high-end communication link for Teekay’s technically advanced shuttle tankers

Teekay, one of the world’s largest marine energy transportation, storage & production companies will continue to experience significant operational benefits from Marlink’s Sealink VSAT solution across its entire shuttle tanker fleet, following a recent contract extension and upgrade.

With over 30 years’ experience, Teekay is the world’s largest owner and operator of shuttle tankers. The company’s success comes from highly trained crews and advanced onboard technology, including dynamic positioning (DP) and offshore loading (OL) systems, which ensure safe and reliable offloading of oil from offshore installations in both deep water and harsh weather environments.

Teekay is equally committed to leveraging the power of maritime broadband networks to ensure operational safety and efficiency. Hence the company has chosen Marlink’s reliable, high bandwidth global Sealink VSAT solution for its entire shuttle tanker fleet since 2011. The latest contract extension and upgrade secures Teekay’s ability to benefit from remote operations and support crew welfare, and includes a significant bandwidth increase to support even more connected applications on board.

The increased Sealink VSAT capacity is already live across the Teekay shuttle tanker fleet. In addition, Teekay has chosen the Marlink solution for three new builds. Teekay will be provided with ample bandwidth for crews to stay in touch with friends and family ashore and a faster, more flexible platform for day-to-day vessel and business operations. Teekay shuttle tankers will continue to benefit from the already installed on board equipment, including antennas, modems and routers.

“Sealink VSAT is integral to Teekay’s ability to provide efficient vessel operations in support of our global customer base,” said Deborah Sloan, Contracts Specialist, Teekay. “Marlink’s network has proven itself to be both reliable and versatile, competitively meeting the high-end needs of our technology focus on board. Sealink enables our ships to leverage connected applications that improve our operational capabilities so securing our partnership with Marlink while upgrading the bandwidth is a natural step for us.”

“Teekay’s shuttle tanker fleet is one of the most advanced in the world, but in order for Teekay to optimise its investment in on board technology, robust, reliable and flexible VSAT connectivity is a must,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink. “We are committed to our position as Teekay’s global VSAT partner and looking forward to continuing to exceed the high-end communication requirements of the Teekay fleet.”

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