Torvald Klaveness taps Marlink for Ship IT As a Service

Wednesday 21, September 2022

Torvald Klaveness is one of the industry’s most innovative shipping companies, positioned as the world leader in combination carriers and with a commitment to sustainability seen as a model for decarbonisation.

KlavenessKlaveness’ reputation as a first mover was further strengthened with the establishment of Klaveness Digital in 2015 and founding of ZeroLab in 2021.

The latter is a business unit dedicated to the development of new products and business models to accelerate decarbonisation in deep-sea shipping.

This forward-thinking approach is being applied to the solutions the company must adopt if it is to meet its target of safer, data-smart and greener vessel operations. Creating secure, reliable, resilient and efficient IT operations is essential to meeting its strategy of monitoring and managing carbon emissions.

To improve its operational efficiency and effectiveness and support the strategic objectives of its operating entities required both innovative approaches and change management.

Despite accumulating considerable expertise in-house, Klaveness sought a partner that could help it leverage and extend its existing platforms, increase collaboration and drive standardisation and automation. To do so, it has partnered with Marlink to help deliver an outsourced IT strategy that can underpin its digitalisation efforts.

Klaveness was one of the first operators of its kind to embrace VSAT for its vessel communications and will now use Marlink’s experience and expertise to enjoy Ship IT as a Service, comprising Marlink’s advanced network, digital tools and services.

Marlink’s smart hybrid network will maintain global communications coverage with guaranteed bandwidth across satellite and terrestrial networks. Its ITLink solution suite will provide remote access to IT assets onboard and provision cyber security for onboard IT systems and software. Marlink’s Intelligent Edge will enable its network and digital solutions to perform as an optimised experience across the Torvald Klaveness fleet.

The data that Klaveness gathers will enable it to optimise voyage execution and improve scheduling as well as report and forecast emissions, compare their alignment to Sea Cargo Charter trajectories and review exposure to the EU ETS.

The ability to collaborate with each vessel like any other branch office is essential for us to maintain our very high focus on vessel performance and safety.

says Tommy Akre, Senior Manager for Klaveness Ship Management IT, at Torvald Klaveness.

Marlink will use Service Level Agreements to meet the stringent demands made by Klaveness and provide an optimised network and suite of tools to meet its requirement for Ship IT As a Service with a complete package delivered on a global basis.