VSAT services renewal combined with remote IT management system for CMA CGM

Friday 3, June 2016

Palantir KeepUp@Sea solution added, as CMA CGM renews Sealink connectivity with Marlink

Marlink has been contracted to implement the KeepUp@Sea IT operational platform from Norwegian maritime IT&C experts Palantir on 110 vessels of one of the world’s largest shipping companies, CMA CGM. CMA CGM’s 200 maritime services call at more than 420 ports, covering all 5 continents. CMA CGM has grown continuously, and has been constantly innovating to offer its clients new sea, land and logistics solutions.

The contract is part of the recent renewal of CMA CGM’s Sealink connectivity services. KeepUp@Sea will be used to standardise, simplify and automate vessel IT-management, dramatically improving the efficiency and security of CMA CGM’s IT-operations.

KeepUp@Sea monitors all hardware and software on board a vessel and throughout a fleet, allowing IT staff on shore to detect and address issues remotely and pro-actively. It enables IT network changes and maintenance such as software updates from shore, ensuring more stability of computers and equipment on board vessels.

Through continuous network monitoring, pro-active maintenance and remote intervention KeepUp@Sea over Marlink’s Sealink connectivity services removes the need to have any IT expertise on board and significantly reduces the time and cost of vessel and fleet IT management. The system allows masters and officers to focus more on operations, and because it requires less physical intervention by IT staff being sent to fix issues on board, the cost of travel and its environmental impact can be reduced.

Integrated with Marlink’s multi-band Sealink connectivity services to ensure high availability globally, Palantir IT solutions enable shipowners and operators to significantly improve fleet efficiency whilst reducing maintenance costs. By handing real-time network management to IT experts on shore, CMA CGM can be more confident in the security of its maritime and land based networks. The solution features a unique dashboard display concept, which forms the interface to a powerful, scalable and flexible solution to optimise IT operations.

“We have been working closely with CMA CGM for over a year, and I am proud that all efforts made in tailoring our KeepUp@Sea framework to fit their requirements have been met. The conclusion to deploy KeepUp@Sea on CMA CGM vessels is for us a major achievement, and a confirmation of the quality of the products and services delivered by Palantir. With KeepUp@Sea, we can now support CMA CGM’s network security, efficiency and future growth ambitions in an effective manner,” said Palantir’s CEO, Mr. Arvid Dregelid.

“The addition of KeepUp@Sea to our communications services renewal with CMA CGM highlights the success of our strategic partnership with Palantir, which was established to improve access to sophisticated IT services in the maritime industry,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink. “The partnership leverages the synergies between maritime connectivity, IT management and security for the benefit of users of our multi-band maritime communication services, and the maritime industry as a whole.”