XChange – the second generation is here!

Thursday 21, July 2016

We are pleased to inform you that the second generation of XChange hardware is now available.

The new hardware has been expertly developed based on our comprehensive experiences of operating and managing the XChange. Since its initial launch 5 years ago, demand for the XChange has grown significantly and its features and capabilities have significantly evolved in parallel. The new hardware will enable more flexibility, more power and will support a multitude of new features associated with future XChange service and firmware updates.

Today we bring two new hardware options, the ‘XChange Base’ supplements XChange´s hardware portfolio and will replace the XChange Rough box in future, while the ‘XChange Power’ replaces the former XChange Rack Mount.
Both hardware options are designed to be fully future-ready:

XChange Base

Available from August 2016, the XChange Base is a small, lightweight desk or rack-mountable unit. It brings performance improvements compared to the former rough box, including enhanced speed and capacity. With a reduced number of components it becomes a more harmonised, fail-safe system with increased robustness. Delivering the core functions and benefits of XChange it supports a streamlined scope of current technologies making it the ideal option for a broad range of usage scenarios.

XChange Power

Available now, the XChange Power is a fast performing and powerful evolution of the former XChange rack mount, with a much larger hard disk (up to 1TB) suitable for use with Sealink VSAT and enabling big data applications. Comprising the very latest high-end components in a consolidated, optimised platform, it offers full support for even the most advanced current and future communication needs, while delivering significantly boosted capacity, speed and performance. The XChange Power can also optionally support analogue telephony, when required.

For more information, please contact us through Marketing@marlink.com.