The mining industry is under increasing pressure to improve productivity, without compromise to safety and security.  Operations need to be more integrated  with reliable, always-on connectivity for  internet, data transfer, voice and videoconferencing services. Flexibility is key to support increasingly data-intensive business applications, cloud computing and welfare communications in a cost-efficient way.

Why choose us?

  • We are the world’s leading provider of business critical communication solutions for the mining industry
  • For locations without reliable terrestrial networks, Marlink’s satellite solutions serve all your communication needs to improve efficiency.
  • Marlink offers the broadest range of satellite communications and seamlessly integrates this with terrestrial technologies (fibre, microwave, LTE, LoRaWAN), to create hybrid network solutions that help keep your remote operations safe and efficient.

Digital mining operations

Always-on connectivity at remote sites and real-time access to the data
you need to make better decisions, speed up your response and continually improve efficiency.


  • Flexible, temporary communications for exploration camps or early
    stages of site construction
  • Quick-deploy VSAT systems, portable broadband terminals and satellite
    phones for locations where there are no reliable terrestrial networks

Construction and production

  • Link remote operations to corporate offices and the cloud through
    hybrid network solutions
  • Fixed VSAT systems extended with fibre, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi for stable,
    high-speed broadband links for internet, voice, data and videoconferencing services
  • Bandwidth-on-demand services for work overload, emergency or periodic data-intensive applications
  • Satellite back-up on demand

Worker welfare

  • Attract and retain the best staff with communications and recreational
    services to keep morale high
  • Handle health issues and medical emergencies more efficiently with
    telemedicine solution
  • Improve safety and emergency response with tracking solutions for
    mobile teams

M2M and IIoT

  • Remote surveillance of mining operations to prevent potential intrusion and disruption to operations
  • Monitor vehicles and machinery in real-time to improve security, reduce
    downtime and extend their life through predictive maintenance
  • Monitor toxic gas levels and tailings dams to ensure safe operations and
    avoid environmental damage
  • Comply efficiently with safety requirements and environmental regulations

Modular and flexible connectivity solutions

From individual satellite systems to fully managed hybrid network solutions, we help you select the optimal solution: connectivity links, bandwidth, coverage, terminals, service, management tools, installation and maintenance.

Satellite Services

Hybrid Networks

Network Management

Worker Welfare

Customer Support

Managed Services

As a single supplier of connectivity systems, IT solutions and managed services, we deliver seamlessly integrated solutions backed by end-to-end SLAs to assure near 100% service availability, expert customer support, global field service and reporting & management tools.

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