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Providing passengers and crew with fibre-like connectivity and powerful internet at sea is now an expectation and can even determine the choice of the cruise line. 

That's why we provide you with secure and reliable connectivity and networking onboard to make the voyage a memorable and rich experience for cruise guests, while keeping your crew reliably connected to home.

We support our networks with best-in-class digital solutions, from data and IT to cloud and cyber security; maximising your passengers' experience, keeping them coming back for their next cruise.

Our solutions also enable you to optimise routes and achieve greater sustainability with reliable and low-latency hybrid networks. We work with you to design a network, that combines the latest LEO and MEO technology with our reliable GEO network, that evolves with your needs and enables smooth business operations today and tomorrow. 

We are Marlink, delivering Possibilities. Anywhere.

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cruise challenges

With every voyage, seamless internet access has become an expectation - whether you’re a passenger, crew or captain. We deliver network solutions, combining satcoms and terrestrial networks with digital technologies that integrate seamlessly with your onboard systems so you can provide your guests with secure, land-like internet access, hundreds of miles from land.

Ensure 100% Uptime

Experience seamless connectivity with our hybrid networks, combining satcoms and 4/5G technologies. Orchestrated via SD-WAN, we maximise scalability and bandwidth efficiency through intelligent application steering and traffic prioritisation.

Connect globally

Enjoy seamless connectivity wherever your journey takes you thanks to our built-in redundancy and a minimum of 2 teleports and multiple satellites in every region, guaranteeing high-throughput and consistent performance.

Constantly evolve

Through ongoing, close dialogue with our customers, we are constantly developing new solutions, driving portfolio innovation and evolving our network to best meet your changing needs.

Take care of crew

Enhance your crew's wellbeing with our solutions, ensuring your crew stays connected to those who matter most, while business traffic is always prioritised.

Secure vessels 

Trust your corporate network traffic is kept private and segregated, while our dedicated security organisation supervises security policies, logs and alarms, and conducts periodic penetration testing.

Boost efficiency

Unlock the full potential of your data with our secure remote monitoring and data analytics solutions to drive improvements to KPIs, including route optimisation, fuel efficiency, sustainability, and management of commercial and hotel operations.

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