IT Management
to optimise your operations 

We understand the challenge of creating a robust infrastructure with agile IT management to take your remote operations to the next level of efficiency and security. That's why we provide you with the support to create an IT ecosystem that ensures your operations are not only supported but enhanced.

IT Software as a Service

Standardise & automate your remote IT operations

Our tailored IT solutions are designed to enhance system standardisation and streamline management, while strengthening your cyber security posture. With centralised control, we optimise bandwidth usage and ensure connectivity across all touchpoints, regardless of location.

With proactive monitoring, vulnerability management, and strategic advisory, we enhance your infrastructure's performance and reliability. We also address the critical aspect of hardware and software obsolescence, ensuring your operations stay ahead with the most current and secure technology. We partner with you to transform your operational IT challenges into strengths, securing your remote operations in an ever-connected world.

IT solutions
to future-proof your infrastructure

Unlock the potential of your remote operations with our bespoke IT management solutions. We offer a seamless combination of asset monitoring, standardisation and automation, and IT modernisation services tailored to enhance efficiency and strengthen security across your global infrastructure.

Assets monitoring

Streamline your operations with our asset monitoring solutions, offering proactive oversight and preventive maintenance. By collecting data at regular intervals and implementing proactive monitoring, we enhance reliability and extend asset life, ensuring optimal performance even in the most remote environments.

Standardisation & automation

Embrace our IT standardisation and automation services to achieve seamless operations. We ensure consistent updates and streamlined processes, reducing costs and complexity, to keep your remote operations running smoothly and securely.

IT modernisation

Revitalise your IT infrastructure with our modernisation services. We pave the way for advanced capabilities and secure, compliant technologies, ensuring your remote operations are future-proof and resilient against evolving challenges.

Streamlined remote
IT operations

Enhance efficiency in managing your IT infrastructure, even in the most isolated operations. Our solutions are designed to ensure that your systems receive consistent and real-time updates, integrating seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, supported by customised connectivity solutions. 

Seamless system updates & security patching

Effortlessly maintain the integrity of your IT infrastructure with our automated system that distributes the latest updates and security patches. Our over-the-air approach ensures your operations are always up-to-date and secure, without manual intervention.

Optimised for Satcom connectivity solutions

Experience reduced data consumption with our optimised transmission protocols, designed specifically for satellite communications. This ensures reliable, continuous operational capability, as our resilient solution keeps your IT infrastructure robust, even in the event of complete connectivity interruptions. 

High-speed local content distribution

Our architecture leverages a remote master server to intelligently manage and locally distribute all necessary content at peak speeds, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing reliance on external bandwidth.

Cloud ready platform

Benefit from an end-to-end IT management platform for managing and monitoring your infrastructure and applications on premise and in the cloud. Our cloud-ready solutions provide scalability, flexibility, and enhanced security to meet the unique needs of your remote operations. From Office 365 to comprehensive cloud monitoring, we equip you with the latest technology to boost efficiency and elevate productivity.

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Partnering with Marlink has enabled us to take our fleet operations to a new level increasing both operational flexibility and safety which in turn enables us to deliver an even higher level of service to our customers.

Michael Hust, IT Manager at UNI-TANKERS

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