Keep your crew connected, safe and entertained 

By improving and simplifying crew connectivity, we support you to enhance crew recruitment and welfare, boost morale, and facilitate smoother ship operations. 

Keep your crew connected, 
safe and entertained

Integrated services to support the safety and wellbeing of crew at sea

We understand that reliable connectivity is essential for crew members' well-being and safety. With our Sealink NextGen connectivity solutions which integrates XChange, ship operators can provide fast, reliable, and cost-effective internet access to crew members, enabling them to stay in touch with loved ones through video calls and social media, and to access entertainment content in their personal time. 

Offer cost-efficient
prepaid solutions 

Benefit from prepaid services providing cost-effective data and voice without interfering with business activity. Accounts remain ‘portable’ for each worker and are fully transparent, while administrators can easily order, activate, recharge and monitor usage. 

Handle crew health

With Marlink’s Telemed solution, remote patients can be examined via videolink, remote follow-up can take place and regular preventive screenings can be administered, with automatic, secure transmission of medical data.

Simplify data

Free to use, our intuitive customer portal provides admin with access to vouchers and usage information, while your remote workers can self-register to manage their own prepaid credit.

Manage networks
and access 

Separate crew LAN from corporate and IoT networks and easy management of access rights and usage limitations.

Simplify web access
for crew 

We support your digital enablement and automation objectives and provide satellite-optimised solutions such as remote IT access, cyber security, and data capture via IoT systems to serve you as a provider of advanced solutions beyond connectivity.

Proactive monitoring
and management from shore

Marlink’s Portal360 enables remote administration of crew accounts allowing personnel on shore to:

  • Easily view and report on individual crew consumption and deduct from payroll
  • Create and manage user groups
  • Customise access rules and usage limits
  • Assign credits
  • Define crew access to internet as a fixed time or maximum amount
  • Further, in Portal360, administrators on shore can maintain a central view of Telemed stations onboard all vessels across the fleet

What our
customers say

Marlink’s hybrid network solution enables Scorpio Shipmanagement to provide our crew with enhanced capabilities to stay closer with their beloved while we gain the benefits of digitalisation.

Paolo Magonio, Group Procurement Manager, Scorpio Shipmanagement.


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